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Upgrade from Bilstein B14s - BCs? Much difference in DS/BR?


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Going to upgrade the coilovers on my Clio, are BCs a good enough upgrade? And is there much difference between the new digressive valve model and the old ones?
No one got an opinion on them? Are owners of the older spec coilovers happy with them on track?
I’m surprised no one has an opinion.. if it’s any help I’m running B14 with custom spring rates and slightly altered damping and I still think about going for something like the newer BC for UK tracks.. but for the road stuff and the ring the B14 will be hard to beat. I’d be interested in seeing opinions for the new BC

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I have the older BR's as they were the only option available at the time and now I have the right spring rates fitted (originally the fronts were to soft) they are great on track, I personally don't need anything more as all im doing is 1 track day a month over the summer months. So for the £680 I paid at the time, I couldnt be happier with them tbh.


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I'm guessing you mean DR not DS.

100% go for the DR, better valving all round.

The older BR valving can be quite crashy because the valve dampening can't keep up.
What’s considered a good spring rate front and rear with the DR a mate is going to order up a set for his 182, mainly track stuff but doesn’t want it too stiff for road use. I’m on 550lb with the B14 on the front and that’s nice..

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Sorry for the late reply. I've been at Le Mans.
The DR has now changed name to DS series (just to clarify any confusion)
They are similar technology as the Bilsteins , but with the advantage that we can specify firmer spring rates. Much better quality internally than the older BR design. The rear can go lower than the Bilstein too so better for stripped out cars.
The big advantage Bilstein have though is their corrosion protection.
For a track only car I wouldnt go softer than the 9kg


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I have BC DS from kamracing on my clio 182, with 9kg front/8 kg rear , they are superb on track! I also have the Whiteline RARB and ACS MOTORSPORT roll centre and bump steer kit and they help the suspension a lot!