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Trophy #057

neil a

ClioSport Club Member
Picked this up last week , plan is to keep it close to standard and have it as a road/track car.

Justnow it has a few mods

Piper exhaust
Vibratechnics solid engine mount
Powerflex dogbone mount
Powerflex rear beam bushes
Uprated filter
Snappy wheel
Uprated disks and fast road pads
Hel braided hoses.
Eibach camber bolts
Eibach Sportlines
Carbon splitter
Carbon tailpipe trims

The last owner carried out a lot of general maintenance / part replacement on the car as he worked at a Renault dealership.
New clutch , clutch cable
Timing belt
Brake hard pipes
New rear shocks
Front shocks have been rebuilt in the past
Wheels refurb

I got lucky as the ad for the car was no longer online but gave the seller a message and he said he would sell still if it was a fair price.
One good thing was i also got a spare set of new front shocks as spares as part of the deal.

Plans for the car are just to continue the old owners maintenace and do a few small mods that i think will work with the over all package.

So plans
Jon Foz lowered subframes ( i had forgot how high you sit in a standard clio)
BMS shifter - as its a road car i don't want the vibration of a PMS so the BMS is a good mid point
Silvertech indicator bulbs
May switch out the power flex doggone to try and cut down on vibration in the car.

I also have a set of black 1.2's with 888R's and a few sets of track pads that I kept from my old track car.


First job was to give it a quick detail



ClioSport Club Member
A geezer on here does vapour blasting on an exchange basis, they look great afterwards! he posted in the parts for sale section.

neil a

ClioSport Club Member
A geezer on here does vapour blasting on an exchange basis, they look great afterwards! he posted in the parts for sale section.
Thanks I have a place local that my mate used for motorbike casings.
I might try alumablast paint first as have a tin from when i did the TB's on the R8 and it gave a nice factory fresh silver finish, the actual inlet and fuel rail guard are clean anyway with no oxidization just a little dirty.

neil a

ClioSport Club Member
Ive got a few parts piled up for this now with the plan to try and fit them this weekend , baby arrival dependent.

1. Jon foz lowered subframes
2. BMS shifter
3. Smaller front plate
4 Phillip M dogbone mount ( will test it against the polymount fitted for vibration)

Hopefully 1 + 2 should work together to give the car a better seating position , as even with the trophy seat you do feel like your sitting on rather than in a clio.

neil a

ClioSport Club Member
Bms shifter arrived but with it having the silver shaft would of looked a little out of place in the stock interior so decided to wrap the shaft in some carbon film I had lying.

Hope to get it fitted tomorrow along with lowered subframes.



neil a

ClioSport Club Member
Shifter fitted but still needs adjusted to hopefully bring the stick back a little. I'm not sure if this is one of the earlier bms before Ash started to put a bend in the linkage.

Drivers seat subframes switched over , for it only being a 1.5" drop the seating position is so much better.


neil a

ClioSport Club Member
The shifter is now adjusted , I also took 1" off of the gearbox end rod to bring the shifter back towards the seat a little


I found the old multi speed wiper stalk I removed from my cup so fitted that as the trophy come with basic stalks

Both seats now lowered on Jon Foz subframes.

neil a

ClioSport Club Member
Engine bay tidy up today. I was going to take the inlets off and get them vapour blasted, but thought I would try alumablast first as I had a tin already.





Also fitted some trophy decals to the seat subframes


neil a

ClioSport Club Member
Had a nightmare a few days ago. I took the car to get a spare key cut and coded, while he was coding the key the wind caught the door which swung and ended up with a dent 😥. Trying to get a dent guy out next week as it should come out.