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Temperamental cruise control

  Clio Trophy, Boxster
Recently got my cruise control working after years of it not functioning due to dodgy rear light wiring causing the fog lamp symbol to flicker on the dash when braking/indicating.

However, now noticing it playing up in the past week or two. The garage found it a bit dodgy when they sorted the wiring and recommended a kit that includes new steering wheel buttons etc. but I had found it fine 99% of the time until recently.

Based on this week, every single morning when it's cool outside (5.15am) it works on my commute without issue. Every single evening when driving home it doesn't work at all.

The only difference I can see here is that we've had warm weather here recently and the car sits in a sunny car park all day. Sounds very odd but I don't see what else would be contributing to this difference.

Any ideas?


ClioSport Club Member
For the price of £7 or so get it changed. Don't get one from ebay as there's loads of fakes. Just go through ECP.


ClioSport Club Member
  PH2 172
  Clio Trophy, Boxster
Having just recently got it working on the car after 3+ years of not having it I'd rather have it to use, makes commuting and longer journeys much less tiring.
  Clio II K4J710
I just adjusted my brake light switch with the aim of fixing a long standing issue with the ABS and SERVICE dashboard lights coming on. By pushing the brake light switch plunger/piston in one click further that it normally would be with the auto adjustment - which occurs when the brake pedal is released - the switch is now more sensitive, i.e. it operates with less travel of the brake pedal. And that seems to have fixed the ABS and SERV dash light problem, but now I've got the rear fog light dash light coming on when braking with the left indicator on!