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Silver Clio 182 (non cup)


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  2005 Silver 182
Thanks @Darren61

Glad you like the read. It’s hard because I always read other threads from people smashing out loads of awesome stuff and getting really stuck in then there’s me pootling along with relatively menial things. Got big plans but need time/money/knowledge. 😄


ClioSport Club Member
Thanks @Darren61

Glad you like the read. It’s hard because I always read other threads from people smashing out loads of awesome stuff and getting really stuck in then there’s me pootling along with relatively menial things. Got big plans but need time/money/knowledge. 😄
I think it’s great to see people’s individual ideas come to life. And it doesn’t matter at what speed it’s done, as long as you’re enjoying it and learning along the way.

That’s what I’ve found with mine. Have a read if you haven’t done so already..

I used to own a Titanium 182 so like to see them being looked after, like yours is 😊👍


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  williams + 182's
Its better to work gradually at your project. Enjoy the car while u work on it. Sometimes people get bored with their cars too soon because they've done everything in a few weeks and theres nothing to stay interested. Keep up the hard work. Looking good. I used to have titanium and loved it,!


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  2005 Silver 182
So got a bit bored recently so set about painting my door bullets to match my mirror caps and badges. Really pleased with the results!

Below is my new stockpile of parts/service goodies I need to sort! Fresh coolant (Renault type d), oil (Petronas 5w40 full syn), Renault filter, spark plugs, manifold seal and gasket, cabin filter, braided lines and brake fluid.

And finally a bit of a downer. Moved the car to get to the garage and spotted this oil on the floor. After a bit of investigation I saw some on my front ARB. Realising it was coming from above the ARB I looked at the coilover. Leaking!!! The plastic guards had gone brittle and cracked open and shattered off at some point leaving the kit exposed. Grit has got in and killed it.
I was warned about cheaper coilovers when I purchased them but it was what I could get at the time. Looking to upgrade now (perfect excuse). Thinking of Bilstein B14 kit but open to other suggestions. Up to £1000 I think is my limit.

Cheers for reading and ideas!


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I’ve got B14’s, haven’t driven loads of miles with them yet but they’ve held up well on the track days I have done.

Although someone will be along to say they’re too soft and there’s better prospects with a £1k budget (which I’m sure there is) but they seem to be a good entry choice so far..

Shame about the leak but these things happen for a reason... and a great excuse to upgrade 😁


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  2005 Silver 182
All stripped down early this morning ready to get underway with changing my spark plugs and printing my inlet.

Once the various sensors and tubes were removed from the upper inlet I spotted the area around this seal that looked as though it may of been blowing slightly. Just aswell I’ve got a replacement!

Old plugs removed. As I’ve never done plugs on any car before I’m not sure wether they look bad or good. I think pretty good tbh. These have covers 12,000 miles according to service paperwork.

Fresh set to go in. After reading up a lot beforehand I decided to stick with the OEM recommendation.

Inlet all masked up ready for a wire brush attack and paint. I’d sprayed my fuel rail guard earlier in the week with Halfords metallic black (chosen because it actually looks more like anthracite). It should look great against the carbon engine cover!

All sprayed up and lettering rubbed back to bare metal. Really chuffed with the result. Being patient when masking went any tidy up after was minimal.

In position and all put back together. First start up and it revved at about 2k constant ..... crap! Nothing major after some poking around found a vacuum hose (I believe) off! Not so put together then😄.
After putting it back on no problems. Sounds quieter now on idle and a bit smoother. I did replace the gasket between the top and bottom inlet also as well as all the o rings on the sensors etc.

Did replace the cabin filter today as well. Just need to get it jacked up to get at my lambdas so I can do those next.



ClioSport Club Member
  2005 Silver 182
Finally got some time to get the car jacked up and get at the lambda sensors. Bought a pair of genuine Bosch items to replace with as this was the recommendation of many people. The old ones came off surprising easy (only smashed my knuckles once).


The post cat sensor looked ok I reckon.

But the pre cat looked cooked! Is the blackness a sign of anything (running rich etc)?

Also changed the oil today with a fresh filter and sump plug to. Took my cap off and noticed this!!! Haven’t noticed the coolant draining or being oily. Was told this can be condensation from small journeys which this typically does. Hope it doesn’t point to anything nasty.

So with all the above done I really need to do my coolant and then braided brake lines and fresh fluid. And source some coil overs to replace my leaking ones before it’s first track outing March time! Tick tock!!


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  2005 Silver 182
Unfortunately I’ve had my family car in the garage recently which meant I couldn’t really buy any coilovers until I knew the cost of the repair. Got the bill. Good news is is that my original budget of £1000 still stands and I can get looking again! So many choices and good and bad reviews on almost all! In the meantime I purchased some tarty bits 😋 Picked up these carbon skinned dash inserts and fitted them promptly. Looks awesome IMO.

I tidied up the excess tar in the footwells and boot area with some proper tar remover. Now looks so much better. Just need to get the seats out to get under those then it’s done.

Then lastly I decided to tidy the loom cables coming from middle of dash and going to the seats. Not massively different but definitely makes the cabin look a lot better.

So on the hunt for coilovers I go ...... must not be tempted to buy 15” wheels instead 😅

Cheers for reading


ClioSport Club Member
  2005 Silver 182
Finally pulled the trigger on a set of coilovers. Picked up these bc racing DS from KamRacing. BC changed the name from DR to DS from 2018 onwards.

First impression is wow. Lovely looking bit of kit with a host of nice features. Went with 8kg rate front and back. Now I’ve got to get my arse in gear and get them on!


Cheers for the read


ClioSport Club Member
  2005 Silver 182
So I had a meet and dyno day yesterday not far from me! Got the turd cleaned up and ready Friday afternoon. Artsy shot for the gram!


All strapped down and ready to go! Was looking forward to seeing if the new exhaust, cat, plugs and lambdas sensors had helped her out on the power front. Appreciate these cars aren’t about chasing power but nice to see some extra ponies!

Then I got this dismal printout! Gutted to say the least. The rollers did work as some other lad with a low boost turbo 182 said it would make 230 - 240bhp and in it came out at 231bhp I believe! 152.7bhp at engine and 150lbft engine torque was my result! So torque looks about right but the power is terrible.

I have checked the resistance of the injectors, all coming in at 15.5 to 15.8 ohm. Took the rail and injectors out and spray tested them on some cardboard. All look ok. Could be struggling with load but I don’t notice and stuttering or spluttering?!

Wondering if when I changed the spark plugs with new manifold seal and gasket I potentially haven’t got the seal that sits under the manifold sat right and it’s leaking air? Coil pack? Leads? I’m a bit stuck as I have no real misfire or juddering. Idle can sometimes seem to hunt very slightly. Lambdas were both replaced within last 2 months also. Any advice or help much appreciated!



ClioSport Club Member
  2005 Silver 182
Small update. My @MarcB battery cover arrived. Got it fitted asap and the improvement it makes to the bay is great.

Quality bit of kit that looks awesome!

Another small task (not on my car) was to deal with these badly hazed headlights for a friend. I think he will be very happy with the result. MOT is due soon and the lights probably would of failed if they weren’t dealt with.

Unfortunately funds are low atm so no real progress is being made. Got to try and save a bit to get the ball rolling again!