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Silver 182 - 172 cup spec


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Shim in, the correct way 😁 10 mins isnt that obvious but its marked..

Wasnt the best day though, I once did both sides in 33 mins, inc stands, getting the shocks out etc.. This one took me a lot longer, just wasnt feeling it.

Everything needs powder coating and cleaning up, one day


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I gave the car a test and do feel its made things more smooth and 'on path'. The car has loads of feedback with its current setup its really nice to drive, just gotta do the column which I think will give me the confidence to push things for when on track, currently just put in the old oem column and wheel and its about a foot too far away.

I know used track tyres can be hit or miss, I was thinking something like this for the rears and their other listing with more tread on fronts, just so I can get on track


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Many months later, the door card is finished! The last thing too do was cut out the holes for the handle, strap and switches, I also drilled a couple more holes, in the door though It could do with a couple more at the bottom but its very secure and doesnt rattle..
Iphone struggles with light real bad

Been collecting cleaning products for a bit now, also have some dodo juice sour power

So far have gave it a few basic washes with an iron x wash between, dressed the tyres and started to give some of the ares between the doors and boot a clean. Havnt polished or waxed yet which Im looking forward to being able to do as it looks quite good as is!




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Column fabrication started today! Well more just prep work and seeing what things will have to be done that I cant do myself.

With a spare column, I cut back the rear mounts and what joins the front to the rears off. This allows the rear to go as high as possible, for now.


Just to see where to drill the hole. If it was going to be done this way Id put a support arm across the original holes. Dont know how strong it would be without. And of course some type of spacer

Light saber picture I just took. I used some paper rolled up to get the distance. There is quite a lot of adjustment to be had, though Im trying to consider the pedal box which needs space near the column to get as far left as possible (from original pedal position) With this in mind, If I had the column bolted closer to me and extended the lower shaft It would give more room.

Im thinking about moving the seat back around an inch, as the further back Ill get the angle of the wheel will get closer to perpendicular but wont change height, all pending the pedal box will be the right distance for me. And 100% Ill need a scenic shifter bent back loads if I want to do that, as I dont want to cut up the chassis. Also weight distribution 😁


Just a few weeks back I drove the car 7 or so hours in one day to pick up a gearbox. The car was faultless and didnt skip a beat, I couldn't of asked for more and it really brought back the enjoyment that I was questioning the car could offer! I also drove another 3 hours yesterday to visit a mate and it was even better, though it went into limp mode when we were driving back for a bit, hadnt happened to me before but possibly its the white connector under the fuse box which I read. Needless to say I had a look, it cooled down and later on the way back home it was fine.

Also very exciting, the gear stick gaiter clips have all snapped so bought another one 😋


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Seat and pedals out today, drilled a couple more holes in the seat base mount and started to eye up the tilton. I elongated the front mount holes of the column to bring it more forward to try and make more space, though theres still hardly any room there. The box will mount happily but it will be to far to the right, just like the standard pedal positions, which is one of the reasons I want to go custom!




The best I could 1 hand. It can go higher than this.

If you put the clutch pedal as far left as possible, the mcs dont have room. I think the column would have to come way more forward to allow room.

I picked up the tilton for a great deal but its looking like Ill have to go to a normal mounted one to get the position I want


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Also everything is back together now. Before I put the dash on I taped foam around everything I could think that was making rattles and a lot have gone but still a few, will tackle those in a bit. Tilton box sold though am very excited to have something on order which will allow to have as far left as needed and much easier access to Mcs. Will be good to get rid of the servo and bulky oem brake stuff as well. Will be a worthwhile weight reduction doing this


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Seating position will be quite a lot further back soon 😁 Hopefully the scenic shifter bent back will be enough and for the stalks Im sticking to my idea of extending the column with an alloy sleeve and bearing, then I can run ducting along as well



Sorted the bleed screws now, will order up some new inner seals for when I put the knockback springs in. Also will order a couple of fittings to make up the lines. They could do with a paint!




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New pedal box arrived so had a quick mock up, it will be able to go lower and further back when there's no carpet (will only be trimming around the pedals!) And Ill do my best to make sure it wont look like its been cut if you were to put it back in.

It seems a pretty good piece of kit, not amazing but solid enough. Though the throttle pedal linkage is a tiny bit loose but the pedal action is fine, also the bolts that hold the mcs seems to be too big so the mcs dont fit, nothing that cant be sorted. For the price you get a lot in comparison to other makes.



Took it apart to inspect everything and the thread on the bolts that holds the pedals on wasnt great, ran a die over them and they are all good now.


I a few things now to finish this off

-Front brake mc (have clutch and rear brakes)
-clutch slave + reservoir
-fittings and lines
-mounting for pedals
-scenic shifter
-column fabrication, or just use a larger spacer to get going

The great thing about the floor mounted is theres tons of room for the column, you can go as far left as you want without the column interfering and plumbing or servicing the mcs is super easy.

Yeah the pedals come forward a bit and you have to move back but I think that there are benefits to be had, cgs move back and the weight of this compared to the standard with servo is much lighter.

Also it can be taken in and out to check things while the standard pedals dont have to come out! Especially efficient when I take it to get the mount made