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PhillipM Engineered Dogbone - Finally a proper clever solution.


ClioSport Club Member
Not sure if anyone else has seen one of these yet, but i am so impressed by it, I felt the need to share.

I recently fitted a new prototype Poly dogbone from PhillipM. This is really quite impressive, much improved gear selection and control of the engines torque reaction. However absolutely zero increase in NVH. Similar to his honeycomb exhaust mounts, he has developed a dogbone/bush setup that actually seems to work with the engines vibration harmonics.
Phillip explained it has an internal honeycomb structure and voids similar to that of an OEM mount, yet is actually made of Poly that's harder than most other Poly mounts.
Sceptical, but willing to try it out, I brought one for my 182.

Now I've driven on it for a while I feel I can comment that this is a genuine significant improvement over the OEM item, but has absolutely zero increase in NVH. I've been modifying cars for over 20 years now and cant think of many modifications I've fitted that have not had some form of detrimental trade off.

Genuinely impressed with this, well worth a look if you want performance without a buzzing cabin. :)



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172, Abarth 500
Would you say its enough of an upgrade to buy over an already polybushed (powerflex bushes) dogbone?


ClioSport Club Member
Would you say its enough of an upgrade to buy over an already polybushed (powerflex bushes) dogbone?
If I’m honest Chris I can’t say as I haven’t experienced that on my car. I won’t recommend or comment on something unless I have first hand experience of it.
However I will say it’s a huge improvement over stock and has had no detrimental affects at all.
So if you find the powerflex item is buzzing your car then i know personally I’d swap it.
The powerflex answer to the dogbone bushes is just a solid bush of polyurethane. This is a design engineered solution that works with the harmonics of the engine.

Personally I’ll live with side effects of modifications if the pros outweigh the cons to a large enough percentage where no better solution is available.
However if a better solution is available then I’ll always go with that.

For example,
When I first had my 182 there was no better options for the exhaust mounts than OEM or people bodging up OEM mounts. I pressed in a universal powerflex exhaust rubber into the oem housing. To be fair, it’s stood up and is in as good condition now as the day I fitted it. However now I’ve seen the likes of the honeycomb Grams mounts I’ll be swapping to those as simply it’s the best solution available. :)
  406 V6, Race Buggy
Would you say its enough of an upgrade to buy over an already polybushed (powerflex bushes) dogbone?
I've had one car swap from one of the solid polybushed track mounts to one of these a while ago, just because he was sick of the vibration in his daily - he was supposed to just be checking the fit for me but he kept it on after running it and just bought it.

Oss has one to back-to-back against his Evol (I think) mount but I don't think he's had time to try it yet.
  406 V6, Race Buggy
Yeah, I only have one left from the prototypes I made, I didn't make any more as there didn't seem to be much interest with so many other cheap options around.


ClioSport Club Member
  TCR'd 172
Looks impressive ?

Top work . The vibrations are an issue with power flex mounts but if you only fit the big powerflex Bush and leave the other smaller bush alone, you get none of the cabin vibrations and also none of the movement.
Did this years ago ran it on car for 5 years no movement no vibrations job done.??


ClioSport Club Member
I fitted Vibratechnics mounts and Powerflex black dog bone bushes to my road car, because I'm an idiot :ROFLMAO: To be fair, I didn't drive it daily, so I quite liked that it felt so extreme.

This looks like a nice solution, surprised you haven't had more interest.
  406 V6, Race Buggy
I haven't really had enough interest in the Mk2 ones yet - those that have them seem to like them but I guess there's a lot of cheaper options around for uprated lowers - so it doesn't really make sense to start developing for Mk3's as well :)