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Oprv modification


ClioSport Club Member
  172 + 555 scoob
Right I've got my sump off at min to drill block for my oil return from turbo. I've been seeing a bit about modding the oil pressure relief valve.
Has any body got a guide to do this?


ClioSport Club Member
  Silver 172 Cup
not looked at an f4r one. but usually there is a split pin holding a cap/spring in place. You remove the pin, put an extra washer/shim in and refit the pin. this increases the pressure the pressure release valve opens at


ClioSport Moderator
Yes I've seen him talk about it briefly but nothing in depth about it really. Pics would be good
You can put shims behind the pressure relief valve head itself, but if you’re doing it to improve oil pressure overall, don’t bother. You’re wasting your time mate as it doesn’t work. I don’t have any pictures either unfortunately.