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Monaco Blue Ph2 172


South East - Kent
ClioSport Area Rep
  Ph1 Clio 172
So im back in a 172 after a few years out.

After selling a Mazda 3 MPS that went awfully, i wanted to be back in something cheap and easy. While searching for a decent one online, i actually found one a couple roads up from me, being sold by someone i know.

106k on it, had full drivers side painted and completely standard bar a decat.


Had a slight vibration under load, so got an evol dogbone mount ordered and thought I'd chuck a top engine mount poly insert in while im there. Both made a massive difference to the car.

I also picked up a set of eibach springs and got a ramair foam panel filter to fit as well. Got them both fitted in a couple hours, such an easy car to work on and made a good difference to how it sits and drives.




When i got the car i had my heart set on a set of turinis. In my opinion they're the best looking wheel for a road going version of the clio. After a good pay slip over christmas, i set about buying a set. Another mate of mine got in touch saying he had a set in the garden, so off i went, handed money over, changed a couple tyres over and gave them a clean. And they made such a difference. Chuffed.


Had a spare steering wheel laying about and always thought the standard one is too large in these, so whacked that on.

Managed to pick up a cup spoiler for £40 off ebay, got it painted and fitted it up. Cars pretty much where i want it now with that.


So thats it so far. Mega chuffed with the car in general. Look forward to doing more bits and pieces


South East - Kent
ClioSport Area Rep
  Ph1 Clio 172
So a little update on my Monaco.

Made a cheeky lowball offer on a front pair of cooksport springs and cup shocks. £20 and an hours drive later they were mine, mega bargains. A couple weeks later i blagged a set of rears for £40. So £60 all in for cooksports, just need cup rear shocks now.



Mad how well these handle on this set up, so happy with it.

Have also ordered a braaaaaand new KTEC stealth, something I'd been looking for since i got it, but all seemed to be missions away or silly money, so when i saw ktec selling them again i just had to!