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Mk3 Clio Daily Project

So about a year and a half ago i got myself a Mk3 Clio after my Mk2 popped a head gasket and i lost interest in it entirely.
I settled for a 1.2 Clio Bizu Edition;

I bought it for 4k from Arbold Clark, got it with a full years MOT and 6 months tax plus they chucked in £20 of fuel for me before i left the place! The back box fell off 2 days later and the f**k about i had with Arnold Clark to fix it under warranty was unbelievable.. but they did it after waiting 2 days!

This stayed bone stock for about 6 months or so before i did some small bits to it which ill list later on.
Its decent on fuel, cheap to run on the daily 100 mile round trip i do for work anyway. Tax was no different to the last car but its way cheaper to insure even with mods!

After a wee while i bought some wind deflectors and fitted them, along with a stubby aerial and a sticker. Kept it like that for a bit and kept working away for a while, then i took my old set of wheels in to work with me and i blasted and painted them, they were old 15" OZ Racing Superturismo;

Before i fitted them, i bought a wheels stud converson kit from Driftworks then got to work fitting them along with some H&R 45mm lowering springs;

And heres how the car sat;

Ran it like this for a good while, then decided to debadge the boot, respray and reposition the "Bizu" badges too, sprayed the wind deflectors and A pillar trims satin black, all of which i dont have a photo of! (Thats my bad)

After a few months, i wanted a change and start chasing the goal of how i really wanted this thing to turn out so i ordered a set of JR11 wheels with some Nankang NS-20 tyres

And i fitted them as soon as they arrived at my local McConechys, i think they look meaty!


Before long i decided to get a Cupra R splitter and fit it, i pinstriped it along with the wind deflectors with blue pinstripe tape which imo turned out not too shabby, i sprayed the splitter satin black too and tinted my fog lights yellow just for the sake of it since i had some tint lying around the shed.

Recently i ordered and fitted a Sportex Exhaust which sounds pretty mint, and ive got some coilovers now that i need to find the time to put on and slam this thing to the ground!

Ive likely missed some stuff but ill update everything when i can!
Cheers for popping on and having a read 😁
More to come!


Update from where i left off...
Sportex exhaust as i said sounds pretty mint. Has a deep tone that isn't deafening even at motorway speeds, though you can hear me coming way before you see me

My coilovers are now on!. I opted for some AP coilovers, lowered these as much as i possibly could and left out the rear adjusters fox max lows! So far so good with these, the ride is ace and isnt close to as harsh as i was expecting it to be! However speed bumps are interesting 😐

Took the car to work and fitted them there since i had no room at the side of the road at home 😅
Still waiting for the springs to properly settle as youd expect but i love how it sits and drives now! I just need an alignment done to finish it off i guess.

Still plenty of plans for this little thing, all show and no go being a 1.2 NA but we all started somewhere, right?
  Clio 197
Car looks good mate, especially those alloys! I've got a 197 and unless your in the upper rev range, it's also all show with no go, so I know your pain :LOL: I reckon a sprint spoiler would look ace and finish off the back end.
Car looks good mate, especially those alloys! I've got a 197 and unless your in the upper rev range, it's also all show with no go, so I know your pain :LOL: I reckon a sprint spoiler would look ace and finish off the back end.
Yea man, i was looking for what felt like forever to find a sick set of wheels, absolutely love these, they fit really flush with the specs.
Id have thought they were a lot better than that, the 1*2 i know is meant to be a lot nippier?
Im looking for an RS cup spoiler to put on later on, got a few things i have in mind before that, making a bumper atm, for it then i have a second bumper idea i wanna build 😉
Went ahead and finally got my wheels aligned, lasted all of 10 seconds after i hit a pothole 💁‍♂️
Sorted out the camber and toe for the most part. Wheel fitment is BARELY legal, but its a pass!

I. Really pleased with how it looks, i want to bring the back wheels out more, though i dont want to run spacers, they were never in my to-do list for this car.
But heres how wide it is at the front.

Mean, right?
Please recognise this, i am not building this to meet anybody elses taste, nor am i here for the attention or likes. This is purely for me and for me to show my own taste and build something i have envisioned 🙏
I dont care for the engine size or speed, its a daily toy at the end of the day