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Manchester Area Meet?

I'm coming definitely, got 2 tag along mates that are coming too!
Any mates of yours that are after a fast Clio 200, bring them along! haha!


ClioSport Club Member
I can only make the afternoon now. Around 1pm?

Would've been good to get on the drive out, but I'll see everyone at KK's in the afternoon.
So it's going to be tomorrow at KK? I take it the afternoon is better for most people. What time are we saying then? Bringing a mate in his 172 cup aswell.
Shame we can't all get there at the same time! I'll be down but think getting dinner at Trafford Centre first now so be around 130/2 for me I think


ClioSport Club Member
Have you got a thread for your car yet?

Hi btw is forgotten this meet was even arranged. NW needs decent reps again.
Not yet! Only done the usual bits so far really, most of them just sorting silly issues and reversing things done by previous owners. Got some nicer bits coming in the next few months so I'll probably put one up then.

I'm going to organise one after this today, lets get a proper drive out sorted then KK's/Food/Whatever and get some old faces out.

Good to meet you mate!