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Installing parking sensors

  Ford Fiesta Zetec S
Hi, i'm going to be installing reverse parking sensors on my girlfriends renault clio mk3, i have a few questions i hope someone has the answers to.
1) Which wire is the reverse power wire (from left to right: orange, black, blue and black, white and black, another blue and black) as i cant get my multimeter prongs in the connector and should i connect the ground of the sensors to a ground wire (also which one is that) or just connect to a bit of the car?

2) How should i go about getting the wires into the car? theres a rubber grommet behind the lights could i stretch it or make a hole in it or should i drill another hole and put my own grommet in? also does this come out just behind the boot lining as you open the boot? if so how do you take that off.

I was planning on taking the bumper off to drill the parking sensor holes (pretty sure there's guides on the back for where the sensors should go),
any tips let me know, thanks.