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Help please

  Clio 182
So I have recently purchased a 182 😁 its seems a little flat in the rev range until 5k that goes like the clappers... but there is a bit off hesitation before 5k.... it had the fault code for destructive misfire... done the usual plugs ngk ones, leads,coil pack, and injector.... cleared the code happy days... it then came on for lambda sensor it says bank 1 sensor 2 which I would have thought is pre cat... changed that cleared happy days.... the light has come back on with misfire and lambda again and it's still flat in the rev range..... any ideas????
  Clio 182
I've already replaced the faulty injector... I have order 3 more to be on safe side.... I thought it was front lambda that control fuelling?
Wih the injector do u think the other mah have gone weak
  Clio 182
Yeah 4 being timing side Haha..... I owned one for best part off 4 years and know the cars inside out but this is just confusing me.... just wondering if anyone had similar problem with a possible solution
  182 clio
Mines was similar an turned out to be timing and injectors.
done the injectors first. Then noticed timing was out when I done dephaser.


ClioSport Club Member
  dan's cast offs.
map reading at idle will give you a pointer if you don't want to mess around with cam caps etc.
  Clio 182
All it does is advanced the timing and dump more fuel its vvt in therapy..... and thanks for answer my question.... not!!!
  182 clio
Yeah ours felt really flat under 4500rpm then big difference in power once over.
was getting eml to. Low circuit at cat can't remember code.
I just thought I would suggest as it sounded similar to ours.
Injectors and timing as the injectors never really fixed it. Lucky it needed dephaser at time.