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Fuel pump issues in cup


ClioSport Club Member
Having issues with fuel pumps on the cup, they work, leave the car for a few weeks then they stop. Fit a replacement and I go around in circles.

Two things I am have noticed.

1. Fuel pump plug has got a constant feed of 0.2V if ignition on or off.

2. Fuel isn’t fresh so could the fuel be contaminated and once it has circulated around the pump it’s destroying the inside?

Any other ideas as I want to get it sorted so I can use it.

FYI yes I have changed the relay.
  Evo 6/Ph1 v6/R34
I'd remove the fuel sender unit and bench test it . Check the wiring and that the regulator is holding pressure.

While the sender unit is out use a lint-free rag and wipe the bottom of the tank to check it is clean.

If that is all good then you'd be able to start looking at wiring (ground etc.) away from the tank.


ClioSport Club Member
Sorted the constant feed now so it’s just the pumps. I have tested two of them on another Clio and they are indeed goosed.

I’m thinking that the tank has been contaminated with something whilst in storage, probably water.

Going to pump the contents out next week, clean it and test.

Car has been stored since 2015 with old fuel.


ClioSport Club Member
Fuel pump stills primes after being left connected but out of tank for ten days!

So it’s the tank contents, will drain it at the weekend. Only 7-10 litres in there tbh. Will clean tank, fresh fuel and that should be it.