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French takeover GY seafront

French takeover GY seafront
Posted by T9 0LLE
Great Yarmouth
Sunday, August 12, 2018 - 04:30 PM
Until: Sunday, August 12, 2018 - 09:00 PM
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East of England
ClioSport Area Rep
Time to sort out the take over of Great Yarmouth sea front on a Sunday night with French cars!!
Plan to meet at Tesco Great Yarmouth from 16:30 then head to the front around 17:30.
Be good to get some new faces to our meets aswell as the regulars.


ClioSport Club Member
Scrap that couldn't see that it said August 12th 😀 could be up for this all depends if I have my Clio all back and running, it should be so all being well!


ClioSport Club Member
Not going to make this unfortunately but hopefully lot's turn up, as I said last time will try and make the next one, hopefully I will 👍


ClioSport Club Member
Hugely disappointing Clio turnout, infact the only 3 Clios that were there all live within a 4 mile radius of Yarmouth!!

But there you go, weather WAS a bit iffy all day so that would have played a part i'm sure