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ClioSport Club Member
What is needed for a complete EPAS kit then?!

And who know the part numbers off the Renault parts..



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 Merc ML55
Steering column inc the lower part and ecu from a lower spec clio (either 1.2 or did are the most common ones), an eBay controller such as this, other kits are available but this one has everything you'll need bar some suitable cable to complete the wiring up of the motor/ecu, you can either re use your original steering rack, remove the high pressure hoses and blank off the ports or use a dci rack (slighty shorter ratio than the 1.2 ones I believe).

You'll then need to address the pas pump on the aux belt, either with an idler or by using a cup alternator setup, assuming you're also removing air con too?

There is plenty of info on here for doing the above but if needed I can talk you through it either through pm's or if you're close to the Forest of Dean I could even walk you through it on mine



ClioSport Club Member
If you remove the PAS pump but want to keep the AC, is it as easy as just using a shorter belt? My PAS is playing up, and this looks a better option than trying to sort the hydraulic system