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CSF19 CSF19 Raffle Prizes


ClioSport Admin
I’ve got a bit of a plan to get through the raffle a little bit quicker this year. When I call the winners I’ll move on to the next one while the previous prize is being collected. Need to speed it up or we’ll be there all night.
  21T, 9T, 172, V6
Hopefully with more prizes, there’ll be more winners.
There’s lots of chocolate this year too, so I hope it doesn’t get too warm 😲
This is what will be hosted in the TurboRenault gazebo for general consumption by all, all you have to do is come and be nice to us :)


Obviously the giant Toblerone will be surrounded by armed guards and attack dogs (and Ron) but there is a case of large coconut Toblerones in the general stash.