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Clutch brand

  Clio Trophy, Boxster
Got the gearbox out and @NorthloopCup has refurbished it, going to chuck a clutch in too given it's stripped that far and over 100k miles.

What are folks thoughts on brands? Sachs is always a safe bet in my eyes but a quick google had a few folk mentioning to stick with Valeo.

If that is the thinking, where best to get a Valeo one? I've seen GSF mentioned but I didn't have a great experience with them recently and you can't choose a brand any more than 'standard' or 'premium'.

I can get a Sachs one from carparts4less for under £95 with discounts-


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 (CUP)
Can't remember which is which for ph1 or 2, but then read somewhere that both part numbers work, not sure of this though - can anyone confirm.???? But the first one is a bargain on Amazon, just thought I'd mention it after spotting it the other day....

  Clio Trophy, Boxster
Sounds good to me. You want to message me your PayPal?

I'll give you the address of the garage if that's ok rather than sending to me.
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