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Clip in the Inverness Area?


ClioSport Club Member
  2004 Clio 182 FF
Is there anyone in the Inverness area who has Clip and be willing to use it on my 182 to reset the SAS?

I bought the iCarsoft RT II expecting it to be able to do this but apparently my car isn’t supported, and the software support is atrocious (multiple emails blindly ignored).

I can read that the SAS is showing an angle of -8000 deg, which doesn’t change. The ESP and SERV light comes on when turning the wheel when at 20mph. EVERY wire associated with the abs/esp system has been checked for continuity, and every corner has had new abs rings/sensors (correct items for a FF car).

The car has had a new SAS in the past (dated 2014) and I’m hoping someone messed up the recalibration. Hopefully the same main dealer who changed the timing belt in 2014 but left the now rattly dephaser.

My car isn’t on the road at the moment and it’s a bit of a pain to trailer it down to the dealer in Inverness.

If anyone could help I would happily pay the going rate!