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Clio 182 Service + ABS + Traction Light come on after taking off from the lights

  03 clio sport asc
Hey Guys

This has happened for a while now intermittently but now quite often and looks to happen when ive been sitting at a red light with my foot on the brake peddle once released and I take off the abs lights come on until i turn the car off and on. I changed the left front ABS sensor and did swab the brake peddle sensor with my other clio but still having the same issue :( I have a fast chip RS tuner but that doenst pin point the issue just says ABS Fault,

Any ideas guys or do i need a clip diagnostics to pin point exactly the fault.

Ive checked the ABS rings and sensors visually but not sure what I should be looking for as they look fine.


  182 clio
Try cleaning the sensors they magnetise under use an partials of metal manage to stick to them. Had same problem with mines. Cleaning fixed this tho. 🤞
  182 clio
Ok, Ill swap the other sensor over, rings will clearly have teeth missing if thats the issue? No chance its the brake pedal switch?
with mines it was the rust on disc's causing mine to come on due to lack of use pulled them out gave a good clean an never had a problem since. If teeth are missing or the gaps are full up of rust best to replace as that can cause the issue.
  182 clio
Brake pedal switch only controls brake lights I believe. I doubt it would be part of the abs system.
Double check all the rings for condition also see if any can spin freely as they should be stuck with abs ring glue or similar.
Also gave all the sensors a good clean with brake cleaner or similar.
If one has just been changed I would be starting there to ensure sensor is clean and not got old rust debris stuck to it from previous abs ring.