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All 197/200’s on the forum. Get in here!

Let’s get an idea of how many we have on the forum. There seems to be a bit of a myth that CS is solely for 172/182’s.

Need to up our 197/200 game!

Heres my 197 cup. Was very ropey when i got it done the gearbox,clutch,polybushed engine mounts,arb polybushed and droplinks, wishbones, 30mm lowering springs, top mounts and replacing all the shocks this weekend 😂 452BC051-10B1-4068-936D-02F994CF416D.jpeg E3E7D816-AB99-466C-804F-2C2020CF37E4.jpeg A39FB40D-22DD-4A25-BB2A-1B9154646B69.jpeg
Some really nice looking ones here, but the white cup racer looking one is bloody mega!! 😍😍
Felt like it needed another 100bhp but loved climbing into the Recaros and the handling was like nothing ive driven before or since.