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renault clio

  1. estiaeye

    Few of my 172 at an airfield in "Buochs"

    The first few sunny days here in switzerland brought us some really beautiful sunsets. Pictures taken with @Tiago-F1 and his liquid yellow 197 F1. :)
  2. crfjake

    Any interest in a Northern Ireland meet?

    Moved to Northern Ireland from Birmingham in May and have noticed there is a substantial scene for modifying cars. So it surprises me that there’s no meet ups from here. Don’t know if it’s because people are too busy living that lowered diesel life and there’s not a big clio scene out here...
  3. I

    Car won’t rev when engine is on!

    hi! I’m having problems with my 2001 manual Renault Clio. When I turn the engine on and put into gear to move off, my engine won’t rev meaning my car won’t move. When it happens I turn the engine off and on again, and keep having to restart the car until it revs. It doesn’t happen all the time...
  4. R


    I recently took my Renault Clio Expression 2006 plate in to the garage for a silver service, 2 x new tyres and a coil change. Since I got the car back the heating was working no problem but then a few days later stopped working completely no hot/cold air on any fan setting. Around a day later...
  5. C

    Maybe new Exhaust, can someone help me?

    Hello Dear Clio lovers! I'am new at this forum and i want some help and tips from you guys what i can do! :) My car: Renault Clio 2 - 1.6 8V 66KW(90PK/HP) I have googled some exhausts, but i see only for 16V engines and this exhausts: 1. BackBox Cherry bomb exhaust 2. Novus exhaust Is there a...
  6. Ryan M

    First Car and Project - Clio MK2 1.2 16v

    Hello Everyone, After passing my driving test a couple of weeks ago I was eager to buy a vehicle like most people after passing their test. I managed to get myself a cheap runner for driving to college for only £300 and with only 65k on the clock. I know the car isn't the best bodywork wise but...