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engine swap

  1. J

    Engine problems

    hi guys need some help pretty please I have a 2010 rs 200vvt , on my way home from work the engine oil top up light came on. a mile or so later my engine started knocking, pulled over and no oil in engine ( got recoverd ) , I think big/small end has gone or rods, can I rebuild the engine or is...
  2. T

    Mk1 engine swap

    Hey there, I've got a 1.4 currently and I want to upgrade it to a bigger sized engine ( with eventually a supercharger ). I have seen some people talking about a megane or clio 1.8 but i never found someone that actually swapped it. Anyone with experience or advice? Thanks, tom
  3. D

    Straight engine swap Clio mk3 1.6

    I've got a Clio mk3 1.6 with a goosed engine, I can get hold of another one for it so would it be a straight swap with no problems? I've done this on a mk2 1.2, straight swap, changed ecu over and it was good to go. Can this be done with the mk3, any one done this already? And advice is much...