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    It's all about the detail... RB 182 Cup.

    Usual degreaser to clean up the muck, with little brushes and microfibres. I had some Demon Shine Rapid Dirt Shifter left over to use. Then to dress, I cheated. I actually just sprayed Auto Glym Vinyl and Rubber Care liberally over the engine bay. Then shut the bonnet and walk away! Obviously...
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    My Racing Blue 182 Cup on Pistonheads
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    It's all about the detail... RB 182 Cup.

    Chris Harris did say they were the quickest bum warmers on the planet! They are brilliant cars, it's just too easy to go fast. A 182 is more involving. I once had an outing to Wales and ended up swapping to my friends 172 Cup. Ended up taking it back to England! But as an all rounder I'll...
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    It's all about the detail... RB 182 Cup.

    That's it. I don't want it to come across as snobby, but I have all the creature comforts and everything else that comes with a new car. A 182 Cup is a different world. If you're after a go kart for the road, they're perfect. I bet I smile more in a 182! Also they are so much rarer...
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    It's all about the detail... RB 182 Cup.

    I'd always had an itch for a Racing Blue 182, so I bought one with the intention of it replacing my leased Fiesta ST when the contract ends in October. Don't get me wrong, it's a great car but it just doesn't replace it! It's a perfect weekend car but after driving it to work and back for a...
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    It's all about the detail... RB 182 Cup.

    Thanks. Yes they are, fitted by the previous owner. Probably to replace hazy ones, these are perfect!
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    It's all about the detail... RB 182 Cup.

    I'm one of those that has a habit of saying I'm detailing my car when I'm actually just giving it a weekly wash, but as the weather has been nice and my 182 cup is sat comfortably in the garage, I thought I'd do a more detailed clean. Any excuse to enjoy the sunshine! I started with the...
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    Recaro repair

    I posted in the local area forum, hoping to find a recommendation for repairing Recaro seats, but I realise it probably wasn't the best place to post (so apologies for the repost). Has anyone had their seat repaired? I have a Recaro Trendline which has a slight tear in the leather bolster and a...
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    Petrol blue

    It is 103000 miles. Else I'd have scrapped all of my plans to get a Racing Blue 182 and I'd have been on the way to Scotland! It looks in decent condition.
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    Leather/Alcantara Seat Repair

    As title, could anyone recommend an upholsterer to repair a hole and scuff on a seat? Near to Nottingham would be perfect.