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Recent content by Christopher.

  1. Christopher.

    Chris' Petrol Blue Project

    Paint wise it just needs some small bubbles of rust on the edges of the bonnet addressing. And the Laqure peel on the drivers rear. I'd expect the price to be £5500 Theres no rush to sell it and will happily sit on the drive as it's no longer being used. Still needs to go to Rentech to sort...
  2. Christopher.

    Chris' Petrol Blue Project

    The clio has recently had all of the tiny dents removed 😊 Anyone in the South needing a dent man Chis comes highly recommended. Whilst it was in my mate got together a quote to tidy up all the body work and Paint. It will be booked in come payday. Once it's done and I'm happy with it it is...
  3. Christopher.

    182... what upgrades would you fit to your perfect spec road car?

    Where iv got my PB to at the moment is pretty spot on imo. All standard(ish) handling components that had recently been refreshed. Engine mods to help it along and keeping reliability. And a Quaife Diff. It's a long list ! Engine - 172 Engine - RS2 Inlet - 197 Injectors - Forge Motorsport...
  4. Christopher.

    CSF 2019 Picture Thread

    Looks like a great time. Shame I couldn't make it! Next year I will be there in the PB.
  5. Christopher.

    K-Tec Supersports and non-Supersports cat back Q.

    If Ktec still make the system they will sell it to you individual I suspect. They did mine
  6. Christopher.

    Fletch's 150k 172 Project..

    Goodwood's calling mate ?
  7. Christopher.

    Chris' Petrol Blue Project

    All of them I'd imagine!!! Yea really enjoying the car at the moment. It's not broken down for caused any issues for a while now ? It may still go but I want to get to near 100% as possible before making my mind up.
  8. Christopher.

    Chris' Petrol Blue Project

    Been a few months since an up date ! Swapped over to the PMS brackets. Found the old ones had badly corroded. When I jacked it up before to look they seemed fine. Once unbolted they crumbled to dust !!! Scary stuff really. After that the car went to Rentech for a service. All ok other...
  9. Christopher.

    Home cctv and phone apps? recommendations please!

    Never heard of them Andy. We always use HikVision at work. It's very good. Looks like you've got older cable with BNC so maybe an older style recorder might suit you better. Quality isnt as good obviously but you can get them with all the modern apps.
  10. Christopher.

    Brembo convervsion brackets

    You still need to be careful with the 300mm conversion if the Turinis have wheel weights as iv recently found out with the PMS bracket.
  11. Christopher.

    Rb with cage. Titchfield shell

    Rob Brodie. He uses it for Hill Climbs
  12. Christopher.

    Micks Monster Burger @ Portsdown Hill. Fri 22nd Feb 7.30

    I'm currently stuck in Swanage !!! I might be able to swing by in the Works Van !
  13. Christopher.

    172 CUP Track Car

    Its a bit of a weird one... But would it fit in the space behind the Headlight ? Cut a few holes in the blank ? Great Progress mate :)
  14. Christopher.

    Lets talk house alarms

    You can't 'Hack' modern Wireless systems. You can try to Jam them... That will then set the alarm off or create a fault. What company does your mate work for out of Curiosity ?
  15. Christopher.

    Lets talk house alarms

    Its not less secure at all. All Equipment used for Alarm's by NSI registerd companies are all Standardised through EN50131 and then installed using the BS4737. They have the exact same capability as Wired systems.