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Scott's JDM Bugeye Spec C RA.

Mr R.

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ClioSport Club Member
The attention to detail is a credit too you. Reading a page back, I’ve not looked at prices because ‘poor’, but at 15k it looks worthy of that tag.

Still prefer my forecourt pics but hey ho ;)

Mr R.

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One thing i forgot to say in my previous post, ever since it was mapped ive had a issue with some kind of cut. It happens in 5th and in 6th, at first it was said that it was my speed limit cut but i could drive through it.
We've finally got to the bottom of it (thank fook as it was pi55ing me off) it turn's out that its over boosting in 5th and 6th and the cut ive been having is a fuel cut to protect the engine, the car is booked back in to FB tuning on the 22nd of June where it will have a 3 bar map sensor fitted (up from its 2.55 bar one) and a map tweek.
If the turbo is still efficient then Rich will run it at 1.6 bar, hopefully we can do this.

In other new's i wanted a sales broucher for the car which isn't available in the UK, after a chat with a good friend of mine he won me one in mint condition from a Japanese auction. (it wasn't cheap but i had to have it)

Here are a few picture's from it.

IMG_20180531_190354~2 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

IMG_20180531_190443~2 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

IMG_20180531_190633~2 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

IMG_20180531_190459~3 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

IMG_20180531_190855~2 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

2018-05-31_07-24-01 by Scott Raven, on Flickr
Was going to say if it was after map it will probably be over boosting. Coincidentally, I had boost cut in 5th on the Evo as well when my actuator was shot on the old turbo.

Lol this cover, the woman. Why is she smiling? Unless she's being sarcastic and saying one of the following

i) Slow down, it's not funny.

2) I f**king hate your car.

3) You're not parking it there for a week again

4) And how much did that cost you?

5) Why don't you sleep with it

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Love the pics in the brochure. All fairly standard shots of WRX's etc then you get to the spec C and they're clearly giving it some beans.😂

Mr R.

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Nice, do love a good brochure. Got loads of stuff like that for my Escorts.
Yes mate, i asked my mate @53R if there was such a thing available for my car and he said yes. At that point i had to have one, its a nice addition to the car's history which isn't available in the UK.

What would you sell it for, car not price?
Hmmmm, i don't know if i could ever sell it mate, the car has become far to personal to me with all of the work that's been carried out.
However the car that's got a big place in my heart in a Nissan Skyline R32, im forever looking at them and watching YT vids. I will be getting made redundant in a few year's time and if all goes well then i should be in a position to buy a R32 along side the Spec C.

We shall see.

Car looks spot on.
Your not thinking of selling are you.?
Many thank's, no mate. Don't think i ever could.

Was going to say if it was after map it will probably be over boosting. Coincidentally, I had boost cut in 5th on the Evo as well when my actuator was shot on the old turbo.
It's a bit annoying mate, its done it from day one after the first map. I fitted everything to the car that i was told to before the map, if i had been told to fit a 3 bar map sensor then i would have.

That’s a proper brochure. I bet it translates interestingly.
Cheers bud, yes ive tried it and, well its strange.

You should use google translate to see what it comes up with.
I have and some of it makes sense and other bits doesn't, oh well.

Love the pics in the brochure. All fairly standard shots of WRX's etc then you get to the spec C and they're clearly giving it some beans.😂
Because race car.

Ever thought about OEM wheels? The OZ's are awesome but OEM must be tempting.
Funny you should say that, my mapper has a set that's be refurbished and was willing to sell but once we started talking money he went quite on me. I will be seeing him on the 22nd so i will ask him again. Not cheap though @ £1200 but i want them.
But ive been chatting to me good friend @53R and he has a few sets of these wheels, something soon maybe sorted.

Mr R.

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Soooooooo, i had the car booked in for mapping on Friday @FB Tuning to sort out the fuel cut i was having. It was an early start as i had to be in Berkshire/Princes Risborough for 8.30am but had to go over to Kent first and pick my mate up (my old boss) who wanted to come.
Got to Kent at 6am and then set about hitting the M25, the drive was good with no traffic, we arrived at Berkshire at 7.30am so plenty of time to find a cafe. With breakfast done we took the 10 minute drive to Riches place where apon arrival he made a start on my car.

The first thing to do was to fit the new map sensor, once that was done Rich went off in the car to take some data logs. With that done he said that the car would take a bit more boost, i like this news and love a bit more boost.
After a couple of run's out in the car the mapping was done. Rich couldn't get anymore out of the car, the injectors where almost maxed out and so was the turbo.

This is what Rich said to me via Whatsapp " injectors are hitting 100% duty at around 7200 rpm - fuel mixture is safe to the red line as it dips a little rich when the injectors go wide open at around 95% duty. That's it - no more power to find there"

The car is running just under 24 psi of boost and goes like fook, im happy and its plenty of power to get yourself in a whole lot of trouble. I didnt manage to get any pictures but did get a drive by video which ill post up later. With the car finished we headed off back to Kent as i had to do a little job on my mates SL 55 AMG.
We left FB Tuning at 12 and got to my mates house at 1.30pm, i then set about cleaning the roof seals and then applying a special lubricant.

IMG_20180622_141724 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

IMG_20180622_141714 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

Mr R.

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Excellent news. Are you going to change the injectors for safety?
That's a good question mate, i haven't got any plans to and Rich never said that i should. I will however ask him the question, but im sure if for one minut he thought that there might be a issue then he would tell me or not run the injectors at such high duty.

Mr R.

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Another thing i forgot to say, ever since ive owned the car ive been on the hunt for a mint dash. Mine has had something stuck to it while it lived out in Japan which has damaged the coating, its not to bad but its always bugged me.

After making wanted threads on Scoobynet and on the Type RA forum i hadn't had any luck, however when i was at FB tuning on Friday Rich had a car that was sitting in the yard in bit's. I asked Rich who's car was it and what was happening to it, Rich told me that it was a customers car that he had bought to brake for part's. I went over and had a look inside, door trims and seats had gone but the dash was still in the car and looked to be in perfect condition. So the deal was done and after Rich had finished with my car we pushed it into the workshop where Rich set about removing it so i could take the dash home with me.

2018-06-24_02-16-37 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

Gave the dash a quick clean once back home and its in great condition, the car it was removed from had only covered 50k so im very happy, just need to get my old one removed and this one fitted.

IMG_20180624_124514 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

IMG_20180624_124523 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

IMG_20180624_124540 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

On Saturday i took my youngest to the cafe in the car, he loves it. Its filthy and in desperate need of a clean. The sides are covered in brake dust and the back has got exhaust soot all over it.

2018-06-23_09-08-43 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

Ive also got the car booked in for a trackday @ Curborough Sprint Course on the 15th of July with the guys over on the Type RA forum, should be a great day.

Mr R.

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Yep, looks filthy.

The dash swap looks like it’ll be fun!
It should be fine mate, glove box out and driver's side lower panel. Then just pop the boost guage panel out. No radio etc to worry about so center console will be easy.

No sound deadening so all fixing are accessible, should be easy enough to remove and fit the new dash in a day so no big deal.

lol microscopic sticker residue stain on dash.

Initiate dash out procedure. :D

I can't imagine there's a minter Spec C in the world, surely? Unless there's a barn find somewhere.
Dash has been damaged by the removal of whatever was stuck to it, not just a bit of sticker residue, if that was the case then I'd obviously clean it off.

Who said anything about a mint Spec C?

Mr R.

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I did lol

You know for someone who owns a saloon you aren't half square :p.

I'm meaning there's probably not a better condition one to be found
Sorry the heat is getting to me.

Yeah you could be right, there's one for sale on eBay at the moment. It was up for £15k, now down to £12k I think.

It's miles apart from mine.
Yeah there won't be one I don't reckon. Only thing that would come close is one with super low miles, but even those would need work even when clean underneath to get to the same standard. Japanese cars don't like sitting

Mr R.

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Good to see it a bit dirty and out and about 👍 a right result getting the dash.
Cheers Rich, Im enjoying driving it especially now I don't have to worry about the fuel cut.
With the 24psi of boost its running now it certainly goes well.

I thought the dash was a right result tbh, I was going to buy a new one as I'd almost given up trying to source a good used one, unfortunately they are no longer available which is what I'm finding with some of the parts now.

I may make a start on fitting the dash at the weekend, shouldn't take to long.

Mr R.

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What sort of power should 24psi give on one of these? With the short gearing, I suspect it feels like an absolute animal!
Should be 400hp or just over, the injector's are good for 420 and they are at full duty.

It's a whole lot of fun mate and should be great at Curborough sprint circuit in a couple of weeks, hopefully I'll get to learn the cars handling and the characteristics of the diffs which I've been unable to get to grips with on the road.
I think 6th gear is the same as a STI, I say that because I was doing stupid speeds on the way home to see if it cut in 6th and it still had plenty of revs to go. It does like a drink, I got 200 miles out of a tank. 😂

Mr R.

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Soooooooo, here is the very quick fly by video i took with Rich @ FB driving the car.

As some of you may know i have a track day booked for this Sunday with the guys off of the Type RA forum, the track day is being held at Curborough sprint course near Lichfield, it's not a big track which will suit the Spec C perfectly, there is only 17 cars going and only one car on track at a time which suits me fine. This means i can actually spend some time learning my car and how far i can push it and hopefully what to do when it all goes wrong.

Low car problem's.

IMG_20180707_103244~2 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

IMG_20180707_104529~2 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

Saturday i spent a few hours going through the front suspension just checking stuff i also removed the brake pads, cleaned everything up and applied some of this.

IMG_20180707_155240 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

With that done (ive been told it help's but im yet to test it) i set my front ARB from it's hard setting to it's softest, apparently that will help with the over steer i experience, alot. Apart from that everything else was fine. This weekend ill jack the rear up, remove the pads, clean and grease and give it a check over.

IMG_20180707_182225~2 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

IMG_20180707_144212~2 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

IMG_20180707_175119~2 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

Also gave things a clean, the pads give off megga amount's of dust.

IMG_20180707_175137~2 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

IMG_20180707_175057~2 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

After that was finished i took a few cheeky pictures of the car, i really love this thing.

2018-07-07_10-47-31 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

IMG_20180707_185419~2 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

IMG_20180707_185439~2 by Scott Raven, on Flickr

IMG_20180707_185345~2 by Scott Raven, on Flickr


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Another great update mate. :)

Have fun at Curborough. It's a fun little sprint track but I don't think it will truly show you the potential of your car. I'm not knocking the place at all; I just feel you'd get even more from somewhere like Brands or Donington. Regardless, it will be a fun day anyway so enjoy it buddy!