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Renault 5 GT Turbo refresh


North Yorkshire & Humber
ClioSport Area Rep
after a very long drive and being stopped by the police for literally no reason boost has been restored! 20psi, lots more scope but that's enough and fook me it's quick.

As for the copper, not impressed. He was in a marked car doing 60 on A34, I went past at 70mph, followed me for a few miles and put the blues on. He reckons I was doing 80mph!!! Well I checked the speedo via gps the day before and it's only 3mph out. Don't know what his problem was. Checked insurance and the usual bits, said it was a offence not to have my license on me (bollox) and let me on my way. No points, don't get it. Won't even go into the V5 as it was embarrassing for him.
Just read this.

It is technically an offence not to have your license on you but the defence is that you produce it within 7 days (a producer).