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Kev says you have to go silly or don't bother - challenge accepted - weekend car....


ClioSport Club Member
Some high quality racing from the previous event at the weekend:


I don't know why I'm laughing, technically they're all faster than us...


ClioSport Club Member
Slow updates with it being silly season for farming, so nothing really new picture wise, just been working on refining the mapping after switching over from alpha-n as we were struggling with throttle response (inlet tract is longer than I'd like) - and investigating a few sensor errors on the crank/cam sensors - work on masking the windows helped out but I suspect we might have a duff cam sensor, so awaiting a replacement unit.

Dash back out to tidy/clip up all the connectors and drill holes for the dash control button and launch control dial too, which means I've got to make connectors for all the switches now everything is working, so they can be unplugged easily rather than having 4-7 pins per switch to keep track of.


ClioSport Club Member
Hah, yes, he used to love his time down at the workshop, he was rather attracted to shiny parts though, every time you turned around your socket and spanners would have gone missing - they'd usually turn up outside in a pile with a grinning dog sat by them, like a dragon with a gold shortage.

Unfortunately he's since passed away, so he didn't get a ride :(


ClioSport Club Member
Well, been a little while since an update, not a lot done really, we were waiting for the fiddle brake frame and few other brackets and mounts to come back from the platers, so I decided to update the dash firmware and change the screens around, that didn't go well:


Anyway, after a chat reverted to a slightly older version of the firmware that worked but still had some improvements over the old version we had on the dash. Great. Then tried uploading the new config....


Yeah, that didn't go great either, maybe I should have left it alone whilst it was working...anyway, gave up on that for the moment (it's being sorted out), and bolted the shiny bits on that came back from plating, tweaked a few things for easier servicing such as having the power cable on bulkhead attachments rather than straight through - made out of the same polyurethane as the exhaust mounts in the other thread, as a bit of flex reduces fatigue in the cable and it's pretty resistant to chemicals and heat.
Also in the servicing improvements, we tweaked the corners on the fan cowlings and ducting so now they can come straight out as a since unit instead of splitting them, same for some of the rear heatshielding over the exhaust and water pipes.
Just tidying work really.

Then decided that was all far too sensible. You know how I said we always have to make things three times? I lied.
Front suspension/uprights version 4 is in progress, ditching the link pin and sliding setup that it inherited from Volkswagen, and switching over to an upright using some large sealed spherical bearings instead - that allows us a much wider area of camber change without binding, much less friction, and because the original link pin requires some play to work correctly, we can get rid of that too, so we cut down massively on play/slop in the front suspension.
It'll also allow me to ditch some of the poor geometery around the scrub radius and castor gain in the original VW setup:


This won't be the actual upright, just a quick model to tweak clearances and geometery for the moment, design work on the proper one is in the 'stare at the front end and scratch head' stage at the minute. It's a bit more complicated than it looks as the current clearances between the front coilover and arms is tiny, and they already use 99% of the travel available on their bearings, and the steering tie rod currently clears the frame at full droop by about half a ciggerette paper.
And we've moved the spindle down 3" on the new uprights so it's screwed all the mounting points up. :D

Oh, and of course, being spherical bearings instead of a circular kingpin, the steering angles are limited, even with inserts to let the joints move they need a bit more work yet. Good fun.

It may yet be a 9" angle grinder to the front bulkhead...


ClioSport Club Member
Well, no shiny pictures again, sorry - slow work on the uprights, everything at the front is pretty critical in terms of spacing - we're already using every millimetre of travel on every joint, etc, we have and things are rather tight, so we're slowly iterating the new front hubs with bits of scrap to see just what we can get away with - it's very tight for getting enough steering lock - we end up with the joints actually over centre at full lock at the minute.
Anyway it's getting closer, then once we have something that's close need to work back and see how far from the model we are geometry wise and tweak things again.
It's going to take a while so that's gone on the back burner as a slow project and back to the usual build-up stuff like new canister mounts for the dampers, spanner checks, the driveshafts and CV joints are built up and on, I just need to strip the rear dampers and drain the oil now so I can make some valving changes and machine a new droop spacer to go on the rod - that's tommorows work, along with priming everything and turn the key....

Well, after I finish drilling holes in a flywheel anyway...



ClioSport Club Member
Fuelled up, oiled up and she's full of antifreeze.
Then spent an hour taking the floor and brackets back off to chase 2 leaking fuel fittings on the front bullkhead. Sigh. :D