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I’ve turned into an old man... kinda

So yeah it is time for the focus to go back to ford and whilst I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it over the last 3 years and the blue one 3 years prior to that - 6 years paying for a new car that have done 28k and 16k respectively I just can’t justify getting a new one (plus the new ST isn’t out yet).

So I went to find something else that would fit my ever fussy criteria.

I’ve ended up with this...


Rare as rocking horse s**t and should keep me entertained for a few months.

Never thought I’d buy a Mercedes - such an old mans car! Just with a big ol’ V8 up front 😬

Pick it up Saturday - got to travel the country and probably miss the rugby 😔


ClioSport Club Member
Is it the cheaper or expensive road tax ? and it is the era of dodgy electrics ?
Get out of my way, peasants!!

Do you not like having money in your bank account and/or think Shell/Bp don't make enough profit? lol
Haha 😂

This is saving me money considering how much that focus costs a month.
Plus part of my criteria was I do 8 miles a day - fuel costs aren’t a problem 😈

Probably does have dodge electrics and it’s expensive tax £500 ish?
5.5 V8 though - who cares?
Get the exhaust sorted so everyone knows it's not a stinky diesel.
I don’t care if people think it’s a stinky diesel lol.

When I put my foot down it will prove that.

I was tempted by the 55AMG but you only gain stiffer suspension, a less powerful hand built engine and double twin exhausts out the back

And they’re worth more apparently.

These are more rare though which could be good or bad lol


ClioSport Club Member
Is this a high miler from around Derby / Notts? If so I've been tempted by it!


ClioSport Club Member
Really like these. Welcome to old man merc ownership albeit mine is even more pipe and slippers 😂