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Frayz's Inferno 182


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what mileage you on now ;) i love inferno's and yours is very nice any more mods or ideas planned?
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Mate, i bought it in April with 8300 miles on. It had been wrapped in cotton wool for its entire life. Ive used it daily since and loved every single second of it :)
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She has 16k miles on her now mate. Im yet to find a cleaner example to be honest. However i dont really care for all that stuff. I just look after it like i would do anything else. Change its oil every 7k etc etc. Always wash it with only a mitt and 2 buckets, jetwash the underside regularly, only use vpower in it etc. Just a nice little car as my daily. Not afraid to use it though. Which is why shes going out to the ring :)

Yes mate, im Frayz on every board i use, easier that way. :)

Glad you like it mate. I assume youve seen The Bomber on PFord too? :)
which is the bomber, the impreza or the clio?
  Handling nirvana
which is the bomber, the impreza or the clio?
Lol, the bomber is the Impreza. All in black, one eye and suitably ugly. Shes the bomber lol

Bloody hell, where have you bean* in that thing !?

Geddit ?

Lol, i'll get your coat mate.

All over the place, i do 50 miles a day to/from work, let alone going to wales etc. She'll get a sh1tload more going to Germany in a couple of weeks :)
  Clio 172
Lol, the bomber is the Impreza. All in black, one eye and suitably ugly. Shes the bomber lol

Lol, i'll get your coat mate.

All over the place, i do 50 miles a day to/from work, let alone going to wales etc. She'll get a sh1tload more going to Germany in a couple of weeks :)
in which case, yes mate have seen the build thus far and very impressed, if only you could cure the mis-fire sound, lol
  Handling nirvana
Yeah I guess it us reasonably common now. The stardard Subaru headers are very unequal lengths and that's what provides that distinctive flat 4 beat. You can literally hear every single firing stroke. Fully equal length headers completely delete that sound. But also have the effect of moving the power to the right of the graph. Ie right up top of the rpm range. Mine are almost equal so it still has some of that flat 4 beat down low. However when above 3/4k rpm's the noise becomes more like a race bike than anything else. The advantage of the slightly unequal lengths is that it keeps more of the power in the midrange area while sacrificing a little up top. With 2.5 litres and a 65lb per min compressor wheel I don't think power will be of any shortage.

Well not for a road car anyway lol


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Everyone knows the flat-4 sounds like a Subaru due to the unequal length manifold :rasp:

Deleting that however, is sacrilege !! :eek:
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Taking her Nurburgring virginity!!

Daily whip has been ring prepped lol,
Brembos discs, Performance Friction 01 pads, Goodridge lines, RBF600 fluid and Federal 595 RS-R rubber.
I head out on Thursday, cant wait to get back out there, :)

  Handling nirvana
Treated the 182 to some love today.
Her Turinis have had a gloss black colour change with new Federal RSRs and discs & pads.

Even treated the old girl to a wash :)



  RenaultSport 172
How did you get on at the ring?
Wheels look great. Just put gloss black superleggeras on mine
  Handling nirvana
Car performed fantastically at the ring. First lap in 3 years with a 90kg passenger, traffic and roadworks was a 9:40btg.
Best part was I had loads of fun, lapped hard and it cost so much less than the impreza.
  Handling nirvana
Fast forward 4.5 years!!

Well I’ve had a strange thing happen last weekend. Basically I sold my old 182 to a friends brother 4 years ago (Downgraded to a Mini GP), he still owned it and has continued to look after it, largely it’s pretty much as I sold it. It’s picked up the tiny door ding and such, but other than that, she’s pretty straight all be it on 111k miles now and wants the odd job doing.

I’ve joked with him for a while about a straight swap with my ST for the 182. This usually results in the odd picture message/ text to eachother having cleaned our cars saying “cleaned your new motor, when we swapping? Etc” haha.

Well after I put up the ST for sale he said he would be tempted, not because he really wants an ST. His wife thinks the ST is a bit more grown up and it’s arguably newer and in better condition than the 182, is twin daughters are 9 years old now and the extra room in the rear was welcome.
He said he wouldn’t otherwise sell the 182 but knows what that car means to me and he’s open to the idea of a change. He knows the condition of my cars hence the Clio hasn’t let him down in the 4 years he’s had it.

Anyway, we agreed a swap cars for a week or 2 to see if he likes the Fiesta and if my rose tinted memories of the Clio 182 hold true.

So there i was feeling like I’ve gone back in time as my old inferno orange 182 sat on my driveway. Trying desperately not to get too attached as I had to be prepared for him to say he wanted to keep it.

Im delighetd to say after a week of trail run, the ST suits his needs better and we have agreed to exchange cars.
So having owned this car from 8k miles, here i am and its soon to be back in my ownership.

It’s a very strange feeling, but being in it just feels like home.

  Handling nirvana
It’s still here and I’ve found all sorts of little jobs to do, even though I haven’t even signed the paperwork on it yet.

Fixed-welded exhaust, ordered new exhaust hanger for the BTM.
Fixed all the heatshields, made new extra large sections to act as repair washers.
Fixed Alpine headunit (mic had fallen out the back)
Fixed airbox (garage had left it loose)
Replaced foglights with new OEM Valeos and PPF filmed them
For protection.
Refurbed the headlights.
Jetwashed the underside.

Cleaned a lot of stuff too, although needs de stickering and a Polish.
More bits in order to try and make it as fresh as possible again.

View attachment 25221View attachment 25222View attachment 25223
  Handling nirvana
All sorts of little odd jobs I’ve found but too much to list.
Tracked the exhaust rubber for the BTM system down to that for a Honda. So ordered one of those.

Silly things like removing the windscreen seals and cleaning behind them.
Soaking the seatbelts with APC and jetwashing them silver again.

Keen to put my mark back on her, I took a few stickers off and added my Ring sticker back on the rear of the car. Also added some Speedline decals to the rims.

Yes I know the R needs a clean after doing rain duty last week to get the Clio exhaust fixed. Haha

  Handling nirvana
This mornings jobs were to try and eliminate the boot/parcel shelf rattle. (Of which so far so good)
The tailgate rubbers were shot, one was missing and the other was hard as nails. These are still available from Renault and at a cost of less than £5 for a pair, the new soft rubbers mean the tailgate closes with a much less aggressive thud.

Also traced the parcel shelf rattling up and down against it’s mounts and tapping the top of the inner tailgate trim.
I used some soft side Velcro on these panels to cushion the parcel shelf and now it fits snug.

Popped down to see a good friend of mine Boyd @ BR Car detailing for him to ceramic coat the newly restored headlight lenses. This should provide years of UV protection providing I continue to look after them.
He based alongside GT101 who specialise in sales, service and performance for all things GT and Mustang.

The obligatory “knife to a gunfight” photo was required. Ha.

  Handling nirvana
Bit more done on the 182 today.
Freshened up the arches with some new liners, cleaned out the sills and skirts.
Gave everything a liberal coating of Waxoil and added some Kaylan stone guards.
Used these on quite a few cars now and they offer discrete protection without having full sized flaps fitted.
Used just the OEM fixing positions and the top of the guards is fixed right to the body using double sided body trim tape.

Also renewed some more PPF on the R today and had to give it a wash as it had been on Clio support duty in the rain last week when I took the back box off to be welded.

Anyway, I’ll let the pics do the talking.

  Handling nirvana
Keen to give the old girl a freshen up, the first of more boxes of goodies arrived today.
I last freshened all the dampers and topmounts at 74k miles. She’s now on 112k so I figured I’d do the same again.

Pair front complete Cup lower arms
Pair front Cup dampers
Pair rear Cup dampers
Pair revised front topmounts
Pair revised topmount nuts
Pair inner track rod ends
Inner/outter ARB bushes
New rear numberplate lamp.

Obviously the lamp was all I could fit tonight, so that went straight on. A vast improvement, I’m sure you’ll agree.