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Hello everyone! Another year is rapidly drawing to a close, and it's that time again. We are looking for you to submit your best Clio related pictures for us to use in next years calendar.

Pics of single cars, groups of cars, cars on track, modded, standard, 1.2's, 200's, V6's all types of Clio are required.

Time is tight this year so get your photos to us quickly! Deadline for photo submissions is Monday 20th November!

There are a some strict requirements if you are submitting pictures:

Last year 311 photos were submitted, but less than 40 actually met all of the below requirements, leaving people disappointed that their photo wasn't included.

  • Please submit high-res copies of the images only. The higher resolution the better.
    Your image will ONLY be considered for the calendar if available in a resolution of at least 2500px on the shortest side. Anything smaller than this cannot NOT be used unfortunately as it will not be sharp enough for print at 300dpi.

  • We are looking for high quality car shots. If you've taken a picture of your car sat on your driveway with your mum hanging the washing out in the background then please don't post that.
    Think "Would I be happy to have that on my wall for a month?"
  • Pictures must not contain watermarks or other text overlayed, if so they will not be usable so make sure only unmarked versions are uploaded.

  • The photo must have been taken by yourself or you have permission to use the photo freely and for this purpose.

  • By submitting photos you give permission to use them in the calendar and other club related printing and publishing in the future such as on the website, flyers or other promotional material.

Please upload your photos to our dropbox here:

You may post photos in this thread if you wish to share with other members but ONLY photos submitted to the drop box will be considered for the calendar.

Many thanks, and we look forward to seeing what you have for us!

Calendar is available to pre-order now!

There will be a very limited run so don't miss out!
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Examples of last years calendar to give you an idea of what we are looking for:

CS Calendar 2017_000004.jpg
CS Calendar 2017_000005.jpg
CS Calendar 2017_000006.jpg
CS Calendar 2017_000007.jpg
CS Calendar 2017_000008.jpg
CS Calendar 2017_000009.jpg
CS Calendar 2017_000010.jpg
CS Calendar 2017_000011.jpg
CS Calendar 2017_000013.jpg
CS Calendar 2017_000014.jpg
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  200 RS 2010
Put one in but I know it won't be included, only had the car for 5 days and only took 1st photos this morning.. might try again tomorrow morning
  200 RS 2010
Duely noted :smile: I'll go take some better ones tomorrow, I'll drive slow this time so it stays clean and try and frame it better with better surroundings and obviously at a much better angle .

Mr R.

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  A special one.
But that means you having to take it out, it's November, now winter so plenty of miserable wet weather :fearscream:😂
I booked the day off of work on Friday to take it out....
I even took it shopping because the weather was so nice.


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Make sure you upload your images to the Dropbox at the link in the first please guys, posting them in here is fine but only the ones in the dropbox will be reviewed for the calendar.