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  1. Ryannn982

    Trying to diagnose whether my timing has slipped.

    Hi everyone, I’m a bit stumped with this issue so hoping someone can help! Got a 2003 172 that I’ve been planning to use for motorsport. Unknown timing belt history and I’ve only had it a few weeks. Driving it particularly hard today and under deceleration I hear a large metallic rumbling...
  2. I

    172 timing issues

    Good evening chaps. Hope all is well? Wondering if any 1 could help please? I am having problems with the timing on my 172 51 plate. Timed up the cams ok with the bar but it's just the crank I am having trouble with.... Tdc the silver smaller pin will go into the location hole through the block...
  3. H

    K4J adjusting cams without removing belt?!

    Hi I am new to the forum , recently picked up a 2003 Clio 1.4 16v , pretty smart looking , have some borbet 14x8's to go on along with some coilovers however having trouble with a rough idle (said no one ever!) I had changed the cambelt and waterpump myself (with all the correct timing tools)...
  4. AdamCup

    Cambelt Tensioning Help

    In the process of changing my cambelt, i've read the process many times over but i can't figure out if i'm missing a tool or doing something wrong. I'm trying to rotate the belt 6 times to check the tension, which tool should i use ? The manual says MOT 799-01 but i'm using MOT 1801. I can...
  5. bradleydc172

    Clio 172 engine help?

    Hi was wondering if someone else could help me unbaffle my head. Ive got a clio 172 with a knocking engine. It was all working brillantly me and a friend done the dephaser change still working fine done a 5 mile trip after we done the dephaser then the main shell bearings went. So we changed...
  6. oFreestyler

    Someone please help.

    Hello all. I'm Tyler from Farnborough. I have had my cars cambelt done and I know the garage is very good with modifying all sorts of cars but I'm not sure if he had the correct tools for the timing on my 182. Is anyone able to check my timing for me this Sunday? I know it's a Sunday which is...