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  1. Posty07

    Clio 1.2tce Rattling/Tapping seemingly coming from offside

    Hi all, As in the title I'm getting a strange metallic sounding tapping noise from the offside of the engine. I've not heard a noise like it before so don't know what to look for, so I was hoping someone might have an idea! Video shows the noise, it isn't as audible on the near-side of the...
  2. 20vKarlos

    In your opinion what’s this noise??

    Hi all I’ve had a 182 offered to me with this engine noise... What do you think it will be? It could be a perfect car to run alongside the 172 track car! So I’m rather interested in knowing what it might be. Apparently it’s had a recent service and started making this noise after the...
  3. S

    Idle Rattle

    2004 Clio 182 The car has developed a rattle on idle, it happens when the car has reached temperature. At first I thought it was the exhaust heat shield. I discovered yesterday that if I engage the clutch the rattle disappears. Could it be the clutch release bearing? Or a worn mount? Many...
  4. K

    Very Loud Rattle when revving With video.

    Hi all just drove back from work and while reversing out of a space it let out a very loud rattle, while driving I dipped the clutch and the noise stopped, revved it sharply and it rattles again, slowly revving in neutral and no rattle, but rev a little harder and it rattles like crazy.