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fog lights

  1. O

    How do you install the fog lights on a mk2 clio campus

    Hi I have owned my clio for just under a year, and have upgraded the audio but really would like to install some fully functioning fog lights on the front of the car, as it would make the car look better, but not sure how to go about buying them or how to install, any help would be greatly...
  2. T

    Fog light help!

    Hi all, I know there are numerous threads on this issue but I can't find an answer to my query. I have a 2003 Mk2 Ph2 clio and have bought fog lights and the wiring loom that goes with it, as my car didn't have it. My question is where does the loom plug into, apart from the 2 fogs obviously. I...
  3. Jme34

    Fog lights...

    alright folks. Quick question here, helping my little brother install fog lights on his m2ph2 (expression??) came without. I've got all necessary components but I can't establish which relay it is that operates them in the engine bay fuse/relay box... As in, the rating of the relay and which...