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    Alloy Gators (or alternatives)

    Wanting to add some protection to the alloys on my cupra. Are the alloy Gators worth the money or the cheaper alternatives (rim blade etc) just as good?
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    Strange Intermittent Misfire

    Having a problem with an intermittent misfire on the clio. Details: Car: 2003 Renault Clio 172 Cup (approx 120K) Details: Developed a misfire on Sunday. Plugged in my cheapo code reader and got 'Misfire on Cylinder 1'. I switched the leads on the coil for 1&4 (as wasted spark) and the misfire...
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    Anyone able to turn off airbag lights? Bedford

    Hi I seem to have damaged the airbag wiring on my cup whilst changing the steering wheel (the part that spins with the wheel). Does anyone local to Bedford have a Renault clip tool, so I can turn off the airbag lights (resistors haven't worked)? Would be a massive help as the MOT is due week...
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    Hi-Fi Setup for cheap

    Morning! I am looking around for a Hi-Fi setup for our spare room. Not looking at spending a busting amount (£150 max really). Had a mooch on Richer Sounds and came across this: Anyone know if its any good? I'm...
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    Interior Light Query (172 Cup)

    I have the single rocker type light on my cup. I seem to remember on my old 182 with the map light type, the interior light came on when engine was turned off and the key was removed from the ignition. To gain this function, is it simply a case of swapping out the interior light only? Or is...
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    Failed MOT on Emissions

    Afternoon! My Clio failed MOT today on emissions (amongst a few other small bits). Spec is: 2004 172 Cup 105K miles Standard Exhuast (although non OEM replacement) Standard CAT Recently replaced 2 x Lambda Cup racer style Induction kit with Ph1 airbox (relocated battery to boot) Results are...
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    Where should this be connected?

    Having a poke around in the engine bay at lunch (172 Cup) and found the below sensor not connected to anything: Comes out of the loom by the alternator and possibly looks like it should be connected here: Any ideas what it is and what it should be connected to? I'm guessing oil temp/pressure.
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    Quick bit of advice

    I'm planning on giving the clio a mini detail in the coming weeks (wash, clay, polish & wax). Just been given a few bottles of AG for free, so wondering what's best to use (I'm looking for longevity of finish over super show n shine spec paint as it's my daily). So options are, for polish : AG...
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    Meguiars Paint Restoration Kit

    The paint on my 182 (titanium) is in need of a bit of restoration to get it looking its best (looks a bit flat at the moment). I've seen the below kit on ebay...
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    Advise me on protection for a soft top

    Evening The mrs has just bought herself a 500c and I'm after some recommendations on the best product to use for protection on the soft top. It's wine coloured if that makes any odds! Cheers Rob
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    High pitched rattling/vibration at high speed (video inside)

    Hi Not sure if this is the right area to post this, please move if appropriate! When driving at above 110mph or so I get a very loud high pitched rattle coming from the dash/windscreen area. See video below from around 1m20s in!<a...
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    Rear brake pipe urgent!!

    In desperate need of the rear solid/flexi/solid pipe for my 182 (passenger side). renault haven't got any in the UK. Does anyone know the fitting size either end and rough length so I can go and get a pipe made up?
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    RARB Fitment

    Fitted my RARB this afternoon that I got 2nd hand from here. Just wanted to check I fitted correctly before taking it for a drive! Looks correct to me but did not have a fitted one to reference to! rob
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    Another geometry setup thread!

    I am currently running the below settings on my clio: I am planning on fitting some hub spacers in the not too distant future and was wondering wether it would be worth adding any more camber and correcting the toe whilst I'm at it. The car is used for fast road driving and the occasional...
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    Best place for paint

    I need to get hold of a can of paint to spray some washer blanks to fit to my titanium 182. Where is best to get the paint from for a decent match? I'm in Bedford if anyone knows of decent places locally!
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    Lowering rear end, handling implications?

    Hi all I fitted a set of eibach sportlines to my 182 a few weeks ago and love the handling and arch clearance at the front, but from a looks point of view the rear is a bit on the high side! I know it is possible to have the springs wound tighter in order to lower it further, but as I only...
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    Good Bodyshop in Bedford

    Hi Just been run into the back of in the 182! Can anyone recommend a good bodyshop in Bedford, will need new bumper and possibly a rework of the boot slam panel (bent in a touch into the boot!) and poss exhuast as this took the brunt of the impact. Need to get some quotes I can give to the...
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    Speedline 2118 wheel bolts and spigots.

    Hi Possibly looking at buying some 2118's! I've had a search and can't seem to find the answer to my question! Do they take the same wheel bolts as standard 182 (non cup) alloys, also what is the centre bore size on the 15x7 type? Also whilst i'm asking, which offset would be better on a...