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    Approx cost to get this through an MOT?

    A friend of a friend is looking to sell his 182 that failed an MOT a couple of months ago. instead of fixing the problems he just got a new car on finance. Anyways, he is looking to get rid but I'm just querying how much I could expect to pay to get the below issues fixed, I know its not that...
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    Very hesitant to accelerate.

    My 182 has just been very hesitant to accelerate on the last few minutes of about an hours drive. In fact, wasn't even hesitant, just didn't accelerate for approx 5 seconds even with my foot flat to the floor. Dropped a gear and it picks up but then the same issue happens. Had the same problem...
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    Any ides what exhaust is on my 182?

    Not the best photos but I'm sure someone will still have an idea what brand it is.
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    HPI check, doesn't quite add up.

    Just done an HPI check in prep for a viewing tonight and the engine size is stated as two different sizes. Vehicle description: Make RENAULT Model CLIO SPORT 16V Engine size cc 1998 Engine number NOT KNOWN Fuel Petrol Body plan 3 Door Hatchback Colour SILVER Gearbox Number of colour...
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    Think this will be a write off?

    Got rear ended by an arctic lorry last week and tomorrow the garage will be picking it up to have a look. its an '05 on 68k. Not a great photo I know but it shows most of the damage. If it does get written off I think I may come back to a clio, hence being on here. a LY 182 would be preference I...
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    Very high idling on my 172.

    It's only started today but the idle is very high on my 172. Around 3k revs. What could be the most common causes?
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    Best headphones for under £200?

    Sick of my beats now and want something new. Atm im leaning towards AiAiAi TMA-1s. They will be used for outdoor use so cant leak much sound and mainly used for Drum and Bass. Any other suggestions other than the TMA-1s?
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    The Space Jam website. Its like stepping back in time. Last updated in 1996.
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    Some interesting items for sale on eBay (stolen from reddit)
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    Alternator price for a 172?

    My 172 needs a new alternator by the looks of it, anyone what sort of price I'm looking at for the part?? Cheers.
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    Engine management light on my 172 since replacing the battery.

    Last week I had a flat battery and since replacing the battery the engine management light has been on constant. The car drives perfectly so i dont really having any idea what it could be. I cant get it to the garage for the next couple of weeks either as I need it every day. Any ideas what it...
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    My 172 won't go above about 5,500 rpm when in gear.

    Started s few days ago, when the car gets to about 5,000 rpm it just increase the revs really slowly, almost feels like its just hitting the limiter, which of course its way off. Any ideas what could be causing this?
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    Laser wheel alignment worth the extra cash?

    And anybody know of any in the Bridgend area? It needs the alignment done anyway so was thinking of getting the laser alignment done.
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    White 182 in Bridgend, about 4.30 today.

    I was in a scruffy 172, yours looked excellent with the white 2118s i think?
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    Taking the 172 on a 4500mile road trip, do I dare?!?

    Will be mainly 5 long stretches of driving. Most Ive done before was a trip to the 'ring last year. This time would mean driving close to 1000miles in a day :/
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    Pretensioners for ph1 and ph2 the same?

    ? Cheers in advance.
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    Rear fog and brake light wont work on drivers side.

    Have changed the bulbs in both but they still dont work. The indicator and reverse lights work fine. Any ideas what it could be?
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    Black 03 plate 172 in Bridgend Tesco at about 12pm today. sticker on the back window. woman standing beside it for some reason.
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    Another fantastic eBay listing.
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    Raced some punk in my V6 rep last night on the A331 in Farnham.

    He was in a 182 and couldnt catch me in my 1.2 V6 Rep. Anyone know if he posts on here?
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    Judders under hard breaking.

    Getting some pretty agressive juddering under hard breaking over the last few weeks. Had an MOT last week and they did not come up as an issue. Had a quick search on here and it seems to be quite a few possible things, although aparently warped brakes are a bit of a myth these days? A quick...
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    An interesting mk2.

    Probably been posted before but i couldnt see it. anyways...
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    Dead Island Gameplay vid.
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    Shopto dispatch video.
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    Arctic 182. M6 south, about 12pm today. gave me a thumbs up.

    I was in the iceberg 172 looking a bit rough. your 182 looked very nice.
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    blue 182 by singletons in bridgend about 3pm today.

    Blonde lass driving, private plate, **** GAR.
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    Loud whistling sound when doing 100+mph.

    sounds really bad tbh. like the windscreen isnt totally secure or something perhaps. this was found out whilst on the Autobahn and for about 4 seconds :cool: on the 'ring last week btw. Not likes its a massive problem cos its rare that I go that fast, just wondering if anyone knows what it...