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  1. coolspot007007

    The New Phone Thread

    Have you tried any HTCs? U12 is out soon. I've always bought them for years. Sense is nice to use, updates could be quicker but I've always been happy with them. And they've caught up to Samsung/Sony etc with the dust and water proofing now. I've got the U11 which everyone was underwhelmed with...
  2. coolspot007007

    Lancashire Prestiege.

    They can be had cheaper, but not much with a FSH, especially local to us. £5500 seemed to be the going rate on ebay for a stage 1 - stage 2 car. Most of those screamed maintained on a budget or had limo tints or were bright yellow/orange/green etc.
  3. coolspot007007

    Lancashire Prestiege.

    The ride is quite harsh on mine, on eibach sportlines and some polybushes, but I may switch Koni FSD dampers as I had them on my mk1 S3. Sporty but comfortable, about £500. It's a bit hard to compare mine to a standard one, the diff makes a big (good) difference. As above the dash isn't great...
  4. coolspot007007

    Lancashire Prestiege.

    It didn't I'm afraid. The guy I bought it off was getting a Sachs racing clutch so went all in and added a billet flywheel and a Quaife diff :D
  5. coolspot007007

    Lancashire Prestiege.

    Oh and that stereo is shite, I'm changing to one of China's finest touchscreen soon I think.
  6. coolspot007007

    Lancashire Prestiege.

    Well it's not anything special spec wise, which they say it is, it's not got xenons for a start. All the rest of the kit you'll see in any Cupra from what I've seen. Belts done, which is good to see, but most will be at that kind of mileage. Seats look to be in good nick. Other than that...
  7. coolspot007007

    Lancashire Prestiege.

    Afraid not. But when/if you go to view any check all the doors unlock properly, had 2 rear locks replaced on mine, boss's Leon had had 1. Worth checking for history of cam follower being checked or replaced too. I'm switching to a stud kit on mine so I can check it more regularly without...
  8. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Yeah, I upgraded to premium to get crypto as soon as it was available. I'll use the extra ATM withdrawal allowance a couple of times a year anyway and hoping the airport lounge feature coming soon is decent. They just need some more coins, but that's always going to come slower than those...
  9. coolspot007007

    [Next Gen/PC] GTA V

    Getting people to actually complete the new heists whilst stuck in bad sports is pretty tough, only 8 months left in there :pensive:.
  10. coolspot007007

    True wireless Bluetooth ear buds

    March 18 though
  11. coolspot007007

    4K TV's

    How much content will you be watching in 4k? If there's a decent mix of 1080p/i that may well look absolutely s**t, the 4k will look fine no doubt. That's why I've not gone 4k yet, 1080p on my Sony looks awesome. Even when the time comes I wont be bothering unless OLED/Quantum dot. If it's...
  12. coolspot007007

    New Laptop Advice

    Not sure how techie you are but if you ever plan on changing to an SSD hard drive to up the performance Lenovo love to whitelist. So basically you can only fit hardware they list as ok. There are ways round it, but it's a bit of a ball ache. I only mention it as I had a spare SSD I was going to...
  13. coolspot007007

    Had a bump (non fault), want to settle privately, other party doesn't

    I was seeing that more as a ballache for me, which I wasn't looking forward to, finding a reputable body shop. I was hoping to maybe pick up a complete bumper on ebay TBH but it's a facelift Ibiza, FR model, 5 door, in a less popular colour, zero available.
  14. coolspot007007

    Had a bump (non fault), want to settle privately, other party doesn't

    Ah I didn't know that, thanks. It's been that long since I've had to deal with a claim I was just dreading a big hike. It's due in a few weeks as well, typical :unamused:
  15. coolspot007007

    Had a bump (non fault), want to settle privately, other party doesn't

    Yeah I didn't want to sound too weird pressing him about sorting it privately. I don't think he was getting my point about my premium would be affected regardless of if he admitted liability, as I should be declaring a non fault claim, even though I'll effectively be returned to the same...
  16. coolspot007007

    Had a bump (non fault), want to settle privately, other party doesn't

    I thought I was doing him a favour by suggesting it but I don't mind if he wants go through insurance, I'm not even bothered about a quick fix TBH. I've only ever had one other crash and that was my fault (and 15 years ago). So I'm more weary of it'll cost me X amount in increased premiums...
  17. coolspot007007

    Had a bump (non fault), want to settle privately, other party doesn't

    Had a minor bump Yesterday going straight over at a large roundabout van pulls out last minute from the exit before mine completely blocking the two lanes for my exit. Had nowhere to go, slammed on and stopped just short of van but got shunted from behind. Was freezing and a busy roundabout...
  18. coolspot007007

    How to do a time lapse project, cheaply?

    Each phase of the refurb is 2 weeks so will be a hell of a lot of photos if the interval is too short. I'll have a look at the go pros.
  19. coolspot007007

    How to do a time lapse project, cheaply?

    The missus wants to do a project for work. They're refurbing some bedrooms in her hotel and ideally want to do a time lapse showing the change from old style rooms to new. The problem is she's not got much of a budget for it and we haven't got any camera equipment, so I was thinking webcam...
  20. coolspot007007

    The first home computers

    I went from a Commodore 64 to an Amiga 600. For my first proper PC I built myself a 486 DX-33, 2MB of RAM, 35MB HDD, 3.5" FDD :cool:, hard to believe how much more powerful even a mobile phone is in comparison some 20 years later.
  21. coolspot007007

    Virgin Media Boosts Again

    Installed yesterday, 200mbps package. Installer said they'll be going 300Mbps next year.
  22. coolspot007007

    The XBox One Thread

    This update has finally sorted out my controller random disconnect issues. So hopefully it will help anyone else that's been suffering with that the past few months.
  23. coolspot007007

    OnePlus 2 - Announced

    Got an invite as well, 3 hours too late for me, ordered a HTC One M9+ instead. F*ck you retarded invite system! Got to wait for shipping from Hong Kong though 😞 such a shame it wasn't released here.
  24. coolspot007007

    OnePlus 2 - Announced

    I was 2,200 odd, now 4725.
  25. coolspot007007

    GTA V : online

    Looking forward to some heists when I'm out of bad sports, practically impossible whilst in there. Am also almost out of cash now :pensive:, six weeks to go!
  26. coolspot007007

    OnePlus 2 - Announced

    How much closer are people getting each day? I've not been paying attention as I was still in the million plus club, 3,222 now, and giving up for the night.
  27. coolspot007007

    NAS setups / recommendations - talk to me...

    As it's partly for work it's got to be Synology, but not an SE, pay the extra for the mid to top models. I'm running 2 x 3TB WD red in my 211J, rock solid, great interface, helpful community and decent phone apps. There is a "quiet" option on the fan settings but it's pretty quiet on normal TBH.
  28. coolspot007007

    OnePlus 2 - Announced

    Getting pretty bored now, but going well... You are in position 4,164 / 4,036,002
  29. coolspot007007

    OnePlus 2 - Announced

    Was at 1,500,000 odd, 10 mins later... You are in position 33,988 / 4,026,484 Still waiting on a couple of verifications to come through.
  30. coolspot007007

    OnePlus 2 - Announced

    That was my first thought when I saw the process. I've been with HTC since the Desire HD though and am really used to Sense, not sure if I want to jump ship. If the One M9+ was available through more mainstream means I'd have one.