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  1. Jme34

    Bosch VS Renault rear abs sensor

    Need to replace my rear drivers side ABS sensor. Appears to be a Bosch option on euros for about 60 quid, half the price of an OE Renault one, anyone know any reason why I shouldn’t get the Bosch? Happy to pay for the gen Renault one if I can find one & the Renault part is a significantly...
  2. Jme34

    Silver 182 ‘WLF’ Tunbridge Wells just now

    On anthracite turinis [emoji1360][emoji1362] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Jme34

    Black 172 pembury road

    CYT, possibly with a mk4 r32 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Jme34

    LY 200 Chelsea

    On royal hospital road, really looked good in the sunshine [emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Jme34

    RB 200 lewes

    Spotted yesterday afternoon, perfect spec with recaros and xenons, plus Clio plate! [emoji1362]
  6. Jme34

    Trophy Southampton city centre

    about 7pm
  7. Jme34

    RB 197 frant road

    Looked good and exhaust sounded nice [emoji592][emoji100]
  8. Jme34

    R24 ...

    Tunbridge wells high street just now. Looking minty fresh!!
  9. Jme34

    Clio 182 road tested by Jeremy clarkson on top gear

    Just appeared for sale for 700 quid on the csoc page. Would love to see this bought and restored, needs a lot of work though... Anyone on here fancy it!? [emoji1303]
  10. Jme34

    Roof rails for a 182

    Just bought a new bike, don't want a dirty bike in my car. Wondered if anyone has any roof rail recommendations that (almost)definitely won't mark the paint or be too much hassle to fit! So if people can do brand recommendation (Thule vs genuine Renault) and personal experience that would be...
  11. Jme34

    George & dragon

    Local to arundel?
  12. Jme34

    Rear bumper strip colour change?

    I have a second (spare) rear bumper strip and am toying with the idea of colouring it to match the bullets or wheels as a bit of a trial (obviously keeping the original, original). just wondered if anyone has done it before and has any photos of it if so? It seems fairly uncommon to do, and...
  13. Jme34

    PH2 V6 Tunbridge wells

    so clean, interior looked amazing [emoji1303]
  14. Jme34

    RB in Falmouth last night

    Sounded awesome, possibly had a white cage, not sure... anyway, nice one [emoji1303]
  15. Jme34

    Ph1 v6 littlehampton

    Spotted Silver ph1 v6 around 1pm
  16. Jme34

    Turbo'd cup eridge road

    Looked ace, uprated brakes, seats etc
  17. Jme34

    RB 182 buckbarn crossroads

    Spotted southbound at buckbarn traffic lights this morning [emoji1303]
  18. Jme34

    Original Renault battery??

    With the cold weather and shorter journeys my battery is showing signs of wearing a bit thin. Will take it for a long drive to see if it deep charges again, BUT does anyone know if it's still possible to get hold of original 'Renault boutique' branded batteries??? I know it seems stupidly...
  19. Jme34

    Three bridges carpark, silver 182-cs sticker

    Grey mirror covers looked cool, Fno4 think it was...
  20. Jme34

    Another standard arctic blue 182 story...

    Hi all. I have now owned my Arctic blue 182 for exactly a year, and fancy summarizing my year of ownership (relatively) in depth to document it somewhere! So having searched long and hard for a good quality, honest used 182 (following 3 years with a mk2ph2 1.2) I found this example in a dealer...
  21. Jme34

    K77 DGE

    Arctic blue 182 spotted in cowes [emoji1303]
  22. Jme34

    172 mondial blue. sp03 ooc

    Going through Three bridges, 11.20, anyone?
  23. Jme34

    blue 172 cup with GRRC membership sticker

    Spotted twice in two weeks, anyone on here?
  24. Jme34

    172 cup. Barnham carpark.

    Spotted at about 6.30 this morning from a distance, rushing for the train to work! Looked clean and in good nick though!
  25. Jme34

    Car park dent removal

    Anyone had any experience with a mobile dent removal guy on smaller dents? Got one I'm in two minds about getting done. Got quoted 55 but said he can only Guarantee 90% correction, am I better going to a proper bodywork specialist?? Here's the dent in question: Many thanks for any...
  26. Jme34

    Arctic blue v6 Southsea outbound

    Spotted a ph2 05 plate V6 heading out of Southsea just now, looked perfect with the sun shining on it [emoji1362]
  27. Jme34

    Lambda vs MAP sensor

    Alright folks. Had an 'engine management light' pop up the other day, and then disappear again a few days later. Checked it with a clip, and while the engine is running, the pre cat lambda is running at 19mV (not the few hundred mV it should be), but with the ignition on/engine off it reads at...
  28. Jme34

    Goodwood 'hot hatch sunday'

    know it's a little way off and many of you already know about Goodwood's 'breakfast club', but think hot hatch sunday could be of interest to a lot of you. I live 10 mins away so will definitely be there, along with my mate and my brother. for those that don't know about it and are interested...
  29. Jme34

    Am I missing something??

    Recently fixed the blow in my exhaust system, blowing in two places One here at the mani-cat joint, as you can see in the photo, replaced with larger bolts and washers, as one of the old bolts had pulled through. Also new gasket. Then at this joint replaced the clamp. BUT my question is...
  30. Jme34

    Trophy in three bridges tesco

    Spotted a trophy in tbd whilst grabbing an early lunch at work! Up for sale as well! If I hadn't bought my 182 so recently I'd be all over it! Anyone's on here?