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  1. NorthloopCup

    It's only taken 12 months.....

    Just over 12 months ago myself and @BIGASH went to the Nurburgring with a view to setting a sub 8:15 btg time. What started well, ended with disaster! For those of you that don't know, here's a run down of how that long weekend went....... Loaded up the cup on James' trailer - 20 miles into...
  2. NorthloopCup

    Improved 3rd, 4th & 5th gear synchro rings

    Morning all, Just a heads up to say that after much aggro, I've managed to get some improved synchro rings sorted out for the jc5's. These aren't designed for fast gearchanges - that's just how the box is designed. What these synchro rings are aimed at is giving a significant improvement in...
  3. NorthloopCup

    BT08 BVD - clio 197 Lichfield

    I was behind you on the way out of Lichfield tonight going through streethay out on to the A38. Had a cs sticker in the back window and a RW Developments sticker on the rear. Sounded well when you gave it a bootful!
  4. NorthloopCup

    Megane crash @ the nordschliefe. Again.

    Yet another Megane crash at the Nurburgring. Not quite on a par with the flipping Megane from 2015. 6/10.
  5. NorthloopCup

    Leaky selector shaft seal? Look in here.

    So, with the jc5 suffering from a leaky selector shaft seal, I've been looking very closely at what can be done to stop it and also a reason as to why it leaks. I'm pretty confident that I've now found out the reason why! It's a box strip to fix it properly though unfortunately. Here's a...
  6. NorthloopCup

    Lada WTCC Nurburgring lap

    Genuinely impressive full lap of the nordschliefe and gp circuit!
  7. NorthloopCup

    Breaking cover......*AG content from page 45*

    Just thought I'd post a few pics of my engine build that's almost ready for my cup. Enjoy! :cool:
  8. NorthloopCup

    Bloodhound video

    Possibly a repost here, but what the hell!! It's an awesome bit of engineering!
  9. NorthloopCup

    Close encounters........of the porsche kind!!!

    Whilst looking on bridge to gantry this morning I came across this.......... Link to btg article here:
  10. NorthloopCup

    Triple scooby near miss at the 'Ring

    Now that's what I call a s**t yourself experience!! Love it! Lol
  11. NorthloopCup

    Blue 197 with white touches.........

    06 or 08 plate blue 197 with white wheels, grilles, mirrors and cup racer roof vent. Oh and loud exhaust that popped and banged on overrun.......legend.
  12. NorthloopCup

    16" et37 superleggera's

    Maybe of interest to someone?
  13. NorthloopCup

    Anyone off here? on then, own up!! Anyone off here?
  14. NorthloopCup

    Koenigsegg one:1

    So much technology crammed into this car!!! 3d printed titanium exhaust tailpipe anyone? Or how about 3d printed turbo housings? Very very impressive! car will have carbon fibre springs!
  15. NorthloopCup

    RB26 pulsar gti-r
  16. NorthloopCup

    190+ mph Mitsubishi colt AWD....

    Not as good as the golf videos boba motorsport do, but impressive all the same!
  17. NorthloopCup

    Jay Leno's garage

    Apologies if this is a repost. Twin engined Mini Cooper s!
  18. NorthloopCup

    For all you mk1 lovers/owners
  19. NorthloopCup

    PROPER nurburgring driving!!

    Just found this video on the Drive channel. It's not going to be to everyone's taste as its filmed using a helmet cam, but the driving skill is excellent!
  20. NorthloopCup

    My Cup

    Thought i'd share this picture of my cup on here as a few users have asked to see more pictures of it! The car is currently sitting ready to do a few trackdays to test out some modified hubs and other components that have been fitted to the car. It's sporting some 15" turinis and 205/50...