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  1. Crumpy172

    Clio Turbo from the Tub

    subbed ;)
  2. Crumpy172

    The £600 Cup Track Build

    That's a great idea and will save welding new mounting points. Thanks for the help pal
  3. Crumpy172

    The £600 Cup Track Build

    Love the thread, top work. Where did you mount the inside lap belt eyebolts? are they in a original hole or did you make a new one somewhere?
  4. Crumpy172

    Robbie's 172

    looks good, where did you get the alcantra material from? wouldnt mind having a crack at this myself.
  5. Crumpy172

    Clio Cup Track Toy Project

    looks good top work :)
  6. Crumpy172

    Scott's Super Clean PH1 172 Project Thread

    sooo clean, Love it top work there ocd and then some :D
  7. Crumpy172

    Ph1 172 Track Car. Next Year I Go Racing - Hopefully!

    good stuff, did you buy a compressor and spray gun then its something i'm doing soon as my cage arrives soon.
  8. Crumpy172

    Ph1 172 Track Car. Next Year I Go Racing - Hopefully!

    Just finished reading through and i'm really jealous :) What did you use to spray the inside, was it rattle can, or proper spray gun job?
  9. Crumpy172

    Ph1 Clio 172 race car

    Will keep my eye on this looks mint :)
  10. Crumpy172

    Sliding Sidemount/Subframe Combo

    I can see this being trial and error lol getting the right subframes sliders and sidemounts seems to be an impossible task lmao
  11. Crumpy172

    172 Cup track toy build

    Awesome driving looks like it went well, i cant wait to get some track time in later this year ;)
  12. Crumpy172

    Sliding Sidemount/Subframe Combo

    Hi guys quick question here. I have Sabelt Bucket seats that will need to have sidemounts. So obviously i need sabelt sidemounts. But i want to be able to move the seat forwards and backwards Because the misses would be like to use the car. So are there any subframe rails that i can bolt...
  13. Crumpy172

    T4RKO 172 Cup

    at least it didn't dint the tailgate :up:
  14. Crumpy172

    Nath's RB track car build

    Big project :smile: committed now, will be watching closely, good work :smile:
  15. Crumpy172

    Crumpys 172 Weekend Runner

    Thanks ;) I intended to get more pics but kept forgetting. I'll get lots more this this weekend mate been very busy at work. :(
  16. Crumpy172

    Clio 172 Ph2 Flamer project

    At least yours came with a fuel rail guard lol mine didn't :'(
  17. Crumpy172

    Crumpys 172 Weekend Runner

    Welcome to my project thread! I'm returning to the wonderful world of Clio's with a rough round the edges 172. More on that in a second though. My camera skills aren't the best but i will do my best, and project will stop for periods of time because i work away for a couple of months a year...
  18. Crumpy172

    Doh! (had accident). - is this fixable ?

    I've had less and still been a write off i would say this is un-Tcutable lol
  19. Crumpy172

    Bright colour roll cage yes or no?

    mines being power coated red :) wont receive it for another 2 weeks though :(
  20. Crumpy172

    172 Cup track toy build

    Love this project, inside is perfect imo :wink: Do you mind me asking where you got the boot net? looks like the perfect size?
  21. Crumpy172

    Martin's 172 Cup

    i noticed the number plate 2, strraaaannnge :yum:
  22. Crumpy172

    Sam's BG 182 Project

    good progress im waiting for my cage to be delivered :) cant wait.
  23. Crumpy172

    Rowly's Liquid Yellow.

    amazing colour awesome car will be watching closely.
  24. Crumpy172

    Daniels Blue 182.

    top work great attention to detail!
  25. Crumpy172

    Arctic 182 for Track

    good stuff will be watching this :smile:
  26. Crumpy172

    B-shaw’s PH1 Exclusive

    Looks good :up: will be keeping my eye on this, love the ph1.
  27. Crumpy172

    Back With a 172

    Hay guys, just returned to the world of clios :) Used to own a 1.2 clio but sold it on to a family member and bought a diesel, seen as i do nearly 1k miles a week for work. here's a pic of the clio. And a quick pic of the Diesel. And finally the reason for this thread. I return with...
  28. Crumpy172

    Silver cup on coilovers <3

    That's mint, i cant wait to get a sport, getting bored of the 1.2 lol