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  1. BGEarles

    The North Face Vans // Size 10

    Any questions please ask. -Ben Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. BGEarles

    RB 182 / 81K Miles / #FSH / £3500 ono

    With much regret my RB 182 is up for sale, any questions just give me a message. Ben Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. BGEarles

    BG 182, BJ05, AZ Macclesfield

    Spotted this at work today, first one i've seen on site bar mine, you on here? [emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. BGEarles

    Megane, HS04, Macc - Bolly

    Had a little blast with you this evening, wondering if you're on here? Megane R26R? Think its wrapped, khaki green colour & BIG ASS bucket seats [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. BGEarles

    Locking Problem

    Its a long one this guys... Other morning I went to my car as usual to go to work, unlocked the car but the drivers door wouldn't open, after a few mins of unlocking and locking the car I gave up and had to go through the passenger side to open the door. After research it seemed the door...
  6. BGEarles

    Mini One // 1.4 // Pepper Pack // £4500

    Hi guys, I've got up for sale a Mini One, its surplus now and needs to go as its just sat on the drive, autotrader link below. £4500...
  7. BGEarles

    Playstation 4 My PS4 for sale [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. BGEarles

    Under Seat Sub & Amp

    Hi all, The time has come to ditch the sub and amp in the boot, simply because it takes up to much room and the fact i can't fit my daughters pram in there either is p1ssing me off. So, looking for an under seat and amp for the Clio, any recommendations? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. BGEarles

    Clio Coolant

    Hi all, Cars due for a service, so will be making a move on it this weekend. However, last year within the month of doing my coolant it turned a horrible orange/rusty colour instead of staying green, I also bought a new coolant bottle at the time. Am i doing something wrong? As this time...
  10. BGEarles

    Two tone bad manz Clio.

    Saw this at Macclesfield Football ground, big sign on it £1300. Anyone on here? [emoji87][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. BGEarles

    Boot Solenoid.

    Rang Renault Macclesfield today asking for a boot solenoid, they guy then replied 'is it a 2 bolt or a 3 bolt fitting' which i didn't know. Any help? Its a Clio 182 54 plate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. BGEarles

    Contract Phone, Cancellation.

    I'm due a 6 month early upgrade at the end of next month, question is would i have a 14 day cooling off period? Planning on taking the early upgrade then cancelling it straight away as i don't want to be with the provider any more as i get no signal what so ever at work. Sent from my iPhone...
  13. BGEarles

    Macclesfield / Bollington - LY05

    Trophy in Bollington, round the corner from my house and i've never seen it move. Black 172 alloys on it too. Anyones? #CRAP PHOTO.
  14. BGEarles

    KTEC 182 Decat, Help!

    Hi all, Recent bought a KTEC Decat for my 182, got it fitted the other day & the car ran very 'boggy', put your foot down and it just wasn't going any where, very sluggish, but then it'd kick in and you'r be off... Kept doing it so had to put the original cat back on, its still doing this...
  15. BGEarles

    STadT Technik remap?

    Been recommended by a mate of mine to get my 182 remapped by these guys as he's good mates with the owner, any body heard of them before? Fitted my KTEC decat yesterday and my car has been running very poor, hence the remap. Said he can clear the EML light permanently too which is a bonus.
  16. BGEarles

    KTR Decat

    Hi all, I have the KTR / Janspeed exhaust system for my Clio 182; Looking at getting the KTR Decat; Few questions; - Will any lights come on the dash? - Will it make it 'that much' louder...
  17. BGEarles

    T9 L** White Clio MK4 - Kingsway.

    Saw a white Clio MK4 on Kingsway, about 1pm today, got stickers all over it, 5 door, looked smart. 'T9 L**' Anyone on here?
  18. BGEarles

    Are these the right wheel bolts?

    As above, are these the right wheel bolts and locking nuts for a Clio? [emoji2]
  19. BGEarles

    Clio on Coronation St.

    C'mon whos is it? [emoji16] Maria looks a bit... Ermmm... [emoji53]
  20. BGEarles

    Front seats.

    Hi all, Do you have to disconnect battery whilst taking out front seats or will it be okay to be connected?
  21. BGEarles

    Prima Racing Exhaust Mounts.

    Anybody shed some light on these? Pros? Cons? They do look great and i rate will do the trick of never changing the OEM exhaust hangers on my 182 again but read loads of mixed reviews, my biggest worry is the hanger on the back box...
  22. BGEarles

    Aqua Delux

    Anybody know where to get these from? They any good? AF haven't had them in for ages [emoji19] Cheers!
  23. BGEarles

    Photo edit app?

    Anybody know any good photo editing apps on the iPhone? [emoji4]
  24. BGEarles

    Earlesey's RB 182 thread.

    Having owned this about 3 months now and using is as my daily, i've got to say it puts a smile on my face every time. Bought the car from @DTM Cars Ltd and got to say their a great bunch to deal with, the car was everything that i was looking for; All belts were recently done inc dephaser...
  25. BGEarles

    Detailers near Macclesfield?

    Any detailers near Macclesfield or anyone know any good detailers near my area? Really want the swirls taken out of my RB182 and I don't have the experience to do so.
  26. BGEarles

    Karcher K2

    Just ordered a Karcher K2 pressure washer from karcheroutlet for £30 which I thought was a bargain! Can anybody recommend me a good snow foam lance and snow foam? :)
  27. BGEarles

    Genuine Renault 182 Gear Knob

    Anybody know where I can get one of these from? Link if possible? Or anyone has one for sale. I bought a RB 182 and it come with a proper Halfords special gear knob and obvs want to change it asap
  28. BGEarles

    BA15s LED rear number plate bulb

    Can anybody confirm that the number plate bulb is BA15? Also their is so many to choose from, anybody have a link to what they've uses? Want one so it lights up the whole number plate not a 'torch' effect.
  29. BGEarles

    Anybody ever fitted these? *Powerflex*

    Anybody ever fitted these to their car? Powerflex EXH005 (See pic) - Bought these to fix my exhaust mount problem, but feel like I've bought the wrong ones...
  30. BGEarles

    Rear wiper

    As above, can anyone recommend me a rear wiper for the 182? Needs to curve round and actually clean the window.. Thanks!