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  1. jesus

    Which cams?

    I'm looking at getting an engine rebuild (as you may know by now) and a set of upgraded, aftermarket cams put in there. I want some that are suitable for daily use but will give a little more power when going for it. I also want a set that won't break the bank! I don't really know much about...
  2. jesus

    Engine Dynamics for a rebuild?

    Following on from this thread: I've been thinking. My engine has gone spectacularly wrong, totally shat itself and supposedly not even worth trying to rebuild. Basically I'm thinking of buying a second hand...
  3. jesus

    Engine dropped a valve - what would you do?

    Following on from here: (see post #13 for video) I'm told that my engine has dropped a valve and that it's past being able to be rebuilt. I have barely any mechanical knowledge of the engine so I need to know...
  4. jesus

    Engine cut out/lost power whilst driving

    Hi folks, I'm currently broken down somewhere far from home and in a bit of a s**t situation. I was accelerating at 50mph and all of a sudden the engine cut out, and the STOP and battery light came on. No other lights came on. I'd lost the power steering and brake servo but managed to limp it...
  5. jesus

    New Brake/Wheel setup feels a bit iffy

    I fitted the Brembo conversion to my Trophy and ended up needing 5mm spacers as well as Cup offset Turinis to clear the spokes, so overall my car is 10mm wider at the front on each side. I've also just come from pretty bald tyres to brand new Pirellis all round. It has camber bolts too but they...
  6. jesus

    Decent 3mm/5mm spacers

    I've had to fit some dodgy Ripspeed spacers from Halfords for the time being to get clearance for my brakes. 5mm is plenty of clearance so I'm thinking 3mm would suffice and also feel a bit safer. I need some 4x100 ones that have the right centre bore of 60.1 so they sit right on my hub. The...
  7. jesus

    People who have done the Brembo conversion

    So I've finally found some Cup Turinis so I can fit my Brembo 4 pots that I bought about a million years ago. What's this anti squeal goo all about? Is it worth having? Where do I get it? Where do you put it? Does it work?!
  8. jesus

    Speaker query

    I've currently got standard speakers, standard headunit and an underseat sub which sounds the tits. I'm thinking of upgrading the door speakers but I'm not sure if it will be worth it with my setup. Will it? I've been reading that there's no point in just changing them unless they're amped...
  9. jesus

    Power steering lost

    On a mates 182, apparently it was being driven and the power steering just went all of a sudden. Limped it home and checked the fluid and it's bone dry. Apparently the leak was from the driver's side area underneath. Am I right in thinking it could be the pump rather than the pipe? Or is it...
  10. jesus

    Trophy (with pic) in the Lakes yesterday

    A friend of mine spotted you in the distance in his Z4 Coupe and make it his goal to take this photo and send it me 😂
  11. jesus

    Mixing engine oil brands

    Trophy is run on elf 5w40 and I noticed it was a little bit low so I've bought some 'Triple QX' 5w40 on my way to work to top it up as I couldn't find anywhere that sold elf. I've put a load in but will it definitely be alright? I don't aee why not but I just like to be sure. I've bought some...
  12. jesus

    Power steering? whine when turning

    Trophy has been parked up overnight and when I came to use it for a 5 minute journey this morning it made a whining noise on (almost) full lock when setting off. As I got to the car park and was manoeuvring into the space, each time I turned the wheels quite far it would make a whining noise as...
  13. jesus

    Bodyshop recommendations in Widnes/Liverpool area?

    Someone drove into my sisters Fiat 500 and it needs a new back bumper, spraying, and maybe a dent taking out of the boot lid. I've told her to get a couple of quotes from bodyshops in the local area and send a copy to the daft bint that drove into her. Does anyone know a decent one around these...
  14. jesus

    Trophy #41 - Showroom Fresh

    Those of you who know me will know that the Trophy is far from a show car bodywork wise. It's lived on a track all its life and every owner has taken it to the Nurburgring at least once. It's covered in stone chips (the front bumper is beyond salvageable), the door handles are pink and it gets...
  15. jesus

    Noisy wiper mechanism

    I think it's the spring but it squeaks on every wipe. Is there anything I can put on it to try and stop it? I've tried WD40 which worked for about 10 minutes then covered my car when I set off.
  16. jesus

    Warning Codes - O2 Heater Fault?

    I've had the engine light come on and every now and again it would splutter briefly on acceleration, but overall it's felt fine. I plugged it in and got the below: I then cleared the faults and started the engine. The engine light didn't come back on but these faults came up again saying...
  17. jesus

    Fitted Powerflex dog bone - couple of questions

    They weren't joking when they said it vibrates the s**t out of you lol! When slowing down I can hear a bit of a whining noise from the gearbox I assume. Is that normal when having super stiff mounts? Also, does the vibrating ever get less fierce or do you just stop noticing it?
  18. jesus

    Changing clutch - job for local garage?

    My mate has a 182 which could benefit from a clutch change. There's a decent local garage nearby and he's wondering whether to take it there or use a specialist for it. I'm basically wondering if there's anything that can be cocked up by a non-specialist not knowing something or any comming...
  19. jesus

    197 - Bury BP garage

    You'll know who I am, are you on here?
  20. jesus

    Does anyone recognise this silver 182 with Recaros?

    For a mate. Cheers.
  21. jesus

    Trophy #46 - AVOID
  22. jesus

    Fancyplates delivery charge

    I've orderd numerous plates off these, but I don't remember the delivery charge being £7.05! How long has that been the case? It's coming to £21 just for a front number plate FFS.
  23. jesus

    Rear wiper struggles, then wipes normally

    When I acticvate the rear wiper, it seems to struggle to get going, but after that it just wipes normally. If left for 15 seconds (for example) then activated again, it will wipe normally. If left for a minute or so, it struggles to get going again, then just wipes as normal. It's only started...
  24. jesus

    'Puddle' water in my radiator (lots of steam)

    Basically I hit a rather large muddy puddle (it was like a flood) that I didn't see at around 25-30mph. I braked just before it hit but a lot of water splashed up, and also covered my bonnet! After, there was a lot of steam coming from the engine. The engine itself wasn't actually wet by some...
  25. jesus

    Van drove into me - then puts a claim in against me

    So on these photos, the van = red, me = blue + Audi = green. There are 2 lanes for bearing left on the slip road thing. We were all in the left lane on the dual carriageway, and all wanted to use the slip road pictured which has the 2 lanes. Van was tailgating me up the road for a couple of...
  26. jesus

    Does anyone recognise this silver 182 in Durham? Going looking at it tomorrow for a mate, just wondering if anyone knows the owner or its history.
  27. jesus

    RB 182 with stripes in Prestwich

    You flashed me yesterday - are you on here?
  28. jesus

    Injector faulty + misfire - best place to get a new one?

    As above, I've been getting the engine light coming on, solid and flashing, and have unplugged each injector to test which one it might be. When I unplugged the furthest left injector, there was no difference in engine sound. The others made the engine splutter more. So replacing that injector...
  29. jesus

    Trophy with xenons - Bury town centre this morning

    I thought I was the only one around here :openmouth:
  30. jesus

    Wheel bearing?

    I have a droning/humming type of noise when driving. It seems to get louder at 40-50mph, then quieter, then loud at 70+ again. When I turn left the noise disappears, but when I turn right it either gets slightly louder or stays present. I have been having a few issues with the gearbox lately...