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  1. Crumpy172

    Sliding Sidemount/Subframe Combo

    Hi guys quick question here. I have Sabelt Bucket seats that will need to have sidemounts. So obviously i need sabelt sidemounts. But i want to be able to move the seat forwards and backwards Because the misses would be like to use the car. So are there any subframe rails that i can bolt...
  2. Crumpy172

    Crumpys 172 Weekend Runner

    Welcome to my project thread! I'm returning to the wonderful world of Clio's with a rough round the edges 172. More on that in a second though. My camera skills aren't the best but i will do my best, and project will stop for periods of time because i work away for a couple of months a year...
  3. Crumpy172

    Back With a 172

    Hay guys, just returned to the world of clios :) Used to own a 1.2 clio but sold it on to a family member and bought a diesel, seen as i do nearly 1k miles a week for work. here's a pic of the clio. And a quick pic of the Diesel. And finally the reason for this thread. I return with...
  4. Crumpy172


    Is there any meets in or around the derbyshire area atall. Anything planned or just nothing lol. If there is dates and locations would be top dolla, cheers.
  5. Crumpy172

    Banded Steels?

    Does anyone know where i can get baned steels for my Clio B 1.2 16v? And if so, how much dolla? Any help appreciated, cheers.
  6. Crumpy172

    Needs something else ?

    Well I'm not going too far with the Clio as I'm saving for a sport but i do think it needs something else? I'm thinking different coulors? Maybe like respray the alloys and mirror caps and colour code the bump strips and of course an rs grill? Thurts and ideas muchly appreciated :)...
  7. Crumpy172

    body control module?

    i have a faulty one and i just want to know how many thousdands of english pennies its gonna cost to fix?? can anyone help :)
  8. Crumpy172


    Do i need to tell my insurance company about colour coding my bump strips?
  9. Crumpy172

    where can i get spacers from?

    is there anywhere i can just go and get spacers without having to order them?
  10. Crumpy172

    rokkor coilovers :)

    i should have my rokkor coilover by tuesday :) in the mean time post up ya pics of your car on rokkor coilieess :)
  11. Crumpy172

    Want rokkor coilovers!

    i really want to get rokkor coilovers but i first i need to know some things! how much do they cost? where do i get them? will they fit my 1.2 mark 2 phase 2 clio? any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  12. Crumpy172

    all sorts of porblems :(

    when i indicate right the left indicators come on :( interior lights dont work electric door mirrors dont work stereo doesn't work? im guessing its all the same electrical fault? can anyone help??
  13. Crumpy172

    1.2 16v phase 2 52 plate

    what coilovers can i get for my car? links would be muchly appreciated.
  14. Crumpy172

    1.2 mrk 2 Phase 2

    Im quite new to cliosport so could really use all the help i can get which is why i thought i would start a progress thread, this way i can get the feed back i so despretly need :) (oh and you will have to excuse my spelling, it isn't my strong point :P Anyway ill start buy telling you about...
  15. Crumpy172

    17's how low can i go???

    I have 17's hie Fuji alloys with low profiles and I've being told different things from different people??? i would like to lower the car at least 40 mm but if i could go 60 mm then that would be great. does anyone know if I can get away with 60mm or is 40 my limit??