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    E46 330D saloon

    Picked this up fairly cheap, and local. Not my ideal spec (prefer auto, and touring.) but it'll do to make sure we like it before putting down more money on one. Spec: 2002 SE model 184bhp manual Grey heated leather Climate BMW business with 6cd Multifunction steering wheel. Cruise/auto...
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    Genuine N/A 218bhp/185lb-ft on a stock bottom end.

    Cracking result for this customer, vehicle was brought to me to fit a bottom end he had rebuilt. Head came from ALD, with supertech's, bottom end was just new rings and a hone with ARP rod bolts. Has non-VVT 421's, ITB's with ludicrous long trumpets (silicone hose extensions) and mapped by...
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    Megane 5th gear

    Anyone have the part numbers? Been searching for ages to no avail.
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    Dan@SJM's 1720v cup.

    So with the ph1 dying of rust, I collected this shell: Porkies old cup, complete with safety devices full cage. This thread will be a build log more than a thread. Slowly things are coming together for the engine build, things have been turning up slowly, but surely. Spec will be based...
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    Who else has O2 issues?

    Vikki has had no end of issues with them and is now in a situation which she has to pay either way to get out of. Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to them, as it's easier than retyping! She has been left with a very bitter taste in her mouth due to an ongoing problem with the service, or...
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    172 cup, female driver K8*OE. A39 street-Bridgwater

    Anyone on here?
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    Slow motion ITB's with stand off injectors.

    quite a cool video I made earlier I think.. Posted it on CSOC straight from my phone but uploaded it to YouTube now for those on here. Spec is standard engine bar ARP's and on the stock ECU.
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    CSS'14 peoples opinions and experience

    Just thought I'd start a thread for people to relay their feelings/experiences of the show. For me, ultimately it was a bit disappointing, and having spoken to a few people I think that was the general feeling too. It didn't seem to be well catered for (if you like pork and ice cream you're...
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    Dan@SJM's Megane 225. The sensible family car...

    Or so I keep telling myself anyway. Not much to really say about it really. 4 previous owners, 74k, cup suspension pack, climate pack. In my ownership, it's had my lower hub bearing maintainence mod applied, stage 1 remap, induction kit, and just this week had 4 pilot sport 3's...
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    Girl driving a Silver ph1, with willy wheels. X plate 172. M5, j20 northbound.

    Passed you with Luke_Excl in his exclusive this morning. Looked tidy :)
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    Inferno with a lying owner "90mm throttle body" That's 25mm larger than standard. Yet still has the standard air intake hose. I really hate it when people feel the need to lie about the car and what it has/hasn't had done.
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    SD Card error?

    Now I use an Innovate LM2 to do my datalogging whilst I do my remaps. This saves the data on to an SD Card. I usually plug it directly into the port of my laptop. But yesterday it kept saying it wasn't formatted. I tried to format it and it wouldn't have any of it still. So I put it in my...
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    VikkiB's 2nd 172.

    Well, after tipping the black one over, she needed a replacement. And as the black one held up so well she felt safe in another one. Here's the mess of the black one. And here's the replacement. Collected it today, due to a very badly frayed aux belt that somehow has...
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    CN04 NJE - RB 182 for sale in Blackwood AVOID

    Went to look at this for a mate earlier. Walked away. List of stuff I found: No history, aux belt fraying due to knackered tensioner. Belts due on age alone. Cv boot split Bulged tyres Misfiring Misaligned bumpers One new headlight Osf wing damaged Chavvy ktec spoiler Headlamp...
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    If you could have one thing from the past on your Clio, what would it be?

    What would you bring back from the past, and why? For instance: Cable throttle. For the throttle response Or Viscous diff's instead of th electronic stuff as standard fit.
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    LY 197 - Street. A39 traffic lights. F1 launch.

    Really necessary to drive like you were on the starting grid? Swerving out from your lane to make it past 1 car? I do advise you set £60 aside however, as the way you were driving I doubt you saw the Speed camera can sat in the layby just by that junction.
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    My quick afternoon detail on the Monaco..

    Coming from this thread: The cup was detailed by Lesley, then promptly written off for me by a BMW in track. As Lesley and chip move away tomorrow, I was left to do the...
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    172 cup - Bristol. Avoid. Went and viewed this tonight. Wish I hadn't wasted the fuel. Dephaser is one of the worst I've heard No coolant Low on oil Bottom ball joint knackered Clock in dash had fallen out Tracking was out The tiny paint mark on the rear bumper is about 5" square Dents...
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    WR Car sales. Bradford

    I've seen this cup: Anyone able to have a look at it for me? Or even better, anyone know it?
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    A detailer/valeter in the southwest that fancies a challenge...

    I have 2 cars in need of a detail... First one, is my cup, just needs a clay and a good polish really. next one... is the monaco. This is where the challenge is. Its been run with Carbone lorraines, so the wheels have gone rusty, there is brake dust literally everywhere, its gone through...
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    The (soon to be) daily cup.

    Well guess I better get a thread going for this. I will update it as on when I have stuff to update with. Here is my cup. Purchased for a bargain price, with a known bottom end fault. Woke the girlfriend up at 3am to make the journey to Lincoln. Got there, loaded it up onto the trailer and...
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    Ford KA zetec (2011) PM me if interested!
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    Chemical guys wet mirror sealant.

    Only a quick one as I'm a complete novice at this car cleaning shizz. Can you use a wax ontop of this to enhance it? something like butter wet wax? or nattys blue(both of which I have.) The current state of my car is saying it needs some attention, several car washes later its getting to...
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    The runabout.. Staying standard. Well was.

    So, Took this in Part ex for my old silver one. Plan was to sell asap, to give me the last few ££ for the M3 I'm lusting for. I Did the belts on it for the previous owner, then it was parked up and not used. So I had it back, part of the deal was I kept the Cruise control and my Recaro's. So...
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    Bargain 172 dynamique conversion

    What a Gem ;)
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    My girlfriends saxo for sale

    In here: Only selling due to collecting a new fiesta zetec s next week.
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    Broken belt idler.

    Not quite a clio, but a scenic with a VVT F4R, belt was changed on time by a Renault dealer over in Wales that has since gone bankrupt. My suspicions are that they didn't change the idlers as the tensioner is like a roller skate bearing.
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    Silver 02 iceburg 172, a39.

    Followed me all the way to street, including through mcdonalds...
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    iPad booting problem?

    Hi all, just bought a 3G iPad, an all it's doing is showing the apple symbol. Won't boot any further?
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    Black 1*2 A39 ashcott, around 12 today. i think.

    As above, didnt really take any notice of the time lol, had a personalised plate, i didnt see you intime to flash or anything!