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    Aluminium bonnet???

    Hi, i read in some test that the ph1 came with aluminion bonnet is that true?
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    >Clio PH2 seats letters

    Hi, i have a question, what color are de Renault Sport letters in Clio PH2 172? white or grey? Thanks.
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    Where to buy

    Hi, sorry to bother you, but I am traveling tu UK in a week and i want to buy the door badge 2.0 16V from PH1, do you know where i can find it? I look on ebay but nothing apear. I want new badges, not used ones. Thanks for the info.
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    automatic door lock not working.

    Hi guys, like the title says the RAID is not working in my clio. I have tried to turn it on but it doesn´t work. Anybody knows why? The doors lock properly with the buton inside, and with de keys buton. Any ideas? sorry about my english, i´m from argentina.
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    Doors Dont close automatic

    Hi mates, I have a question, Does the 172 ph1 have the automatic door lock? i dont think mine did it. Can this be turned on or off?