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  1. Ads29

    Cartek GT battery isolater in a 197

    I've recently taken on the maintenance of a friends 197 track car, that's 99% race ready. The last bit is the battery isolater, a Cartek GT, which needs to run a power feed to the ECU. Unless I've missed something obvious on here I don't seem to be able to find any wiring diagrams/ECU pinouts...
  2. Ads29

    Mk3 wiper problem

    Afternoon all, bought the Mrs a 2009 mk3 1.2 tce (last if the pre facelift) yes I know it's not a sport, as a work hack, since buying the intermittent/auto wiper has never worked. I know the wiper stalks have a history of burning/melting but I don't think that's happened as all other functions...
  3. Ads29

    Brand new genuine trophy spoiler

    So yet another late night eBay gander and this 'pops' up. May be of use to someone??
  4. Ads29

    Pure Motorsport Gear Linkage + others

    Had an early morning eBay scroll whilst waiting to take the wife to work, noticed this on there along a few other bits if you scroll through sellers other items
  5. Ads29


    Im all for a bit of individuality, however Willaims or not it's a mess right?? Or am I just getting old and boring all of a sudden
  6. Ads29

    Permanent Uch delete?!

    OK so here goes :) is it possible to permanently delete/remove the uch and still retain a standard ecu? I'm fed up with wiring going everywhere as the uch no longer fits back onto its original location after having my new cage put in, and had already semi planned to build a new loom for...
  7. Ads29

    Iceberg Ph2 Cup Resurrection

    So I guess the clio bug really is starting to bite me, not content with just my track car that a few people may have glanced at (see here if you haven't I've decided to start this off too. I only ever bought this cup as a parts...
  8. Ads29

    230hp 182 on ebay ??!!

    First things first this is in no way connected to me lol, just a bit of late night browsing to relieve the boredom of working nights on a bank holiday weekend. Has to be accurate as surely no one would just make up power figures would they lol...
  9. Ads29

    The what do I do with this thread

    So a couple of weeks ago I bought a 182-172 manifold link pipe off a member on here, I go to pick it up and end up chatting as you do, and to cut a long story short I buy his cup too (after some negotiation with my wife of course ;)) anyway to the burning question, what do I do with it...
  10. Ads29

    In car videos with speed/time overlays

    I'll start of by apologising for bringing this up :) I am a complete technophobe when it comes to things like this so go easy on me please guys I've got a genuine sj4000 that I use in the car on track, and I've read up about the likes of Harry's lap timer, racechrono and the rest but I have...
  11. Ads29

    FAO Those With Existing Safety Devices Roll Cage, Msa Eligibilty

    In light of all the recent discussions regarding safety devices cages in competition cars I thought I'd speak to SD themselves, below is the response I received, thought it may be of benefit to others who are in the same position as I am now
  12. Ads29

    Fly by wire ph2 throttle on floor mounted pedals

    Apologies if I haven't put this in the right section So me and the wife went to autosport on Saturday and I made the mistake of letting her loose on her own, 10 minutes later she comes back holding a box full of bits. Floor mounted pedals to be precise, now I'm more than happy with setting up...
  13. Ads29

    Queston for those who've fitted PMS brace and top mountsmounts

    Let me stat off by saying that i have already emailed PMS but obviously being Sunday evening I'm not expecting any response for a day or so. The quality of these products is excellent and I'm hoping what I am about to describe is me being dumb rather than it being an issue with what I've...
  14. Ads29

    Any potential issues running 215 width tyres?

    So as per the title I have a family member that can get some dz03's but they're 215 50 15, they are used but having always run on 888's I fancy a change and wondered if anybody else had any experience? Currently not running any spacers or extra camber and would be mounted on OZf1's, I do have...
  15. Ads29

    Camber bolts or adjustable bushes?

    Apologies if this has been previously covered but taking the financial side of things out of the equation is there any real benifit to using camber bolts over adjustable bushes? I was an apprentice many years ago for Mercedes and most suspension setups used eccentric bolts to adjust camber so...
  16. Ads29

    All 1*2 Alternator Pulleys The Same?

    Are all alternator pulleys the same?, I've bought a cup setup and being the clever arse that I am I've damaged the pulley on the cup alt. I've had a quick glance at my original alt that's still in the car and it looks similar but thought I'd check first incase I need to aquire another pulley...
  17. Ads29

    dci speedo problems

    So my brother in law has bought a 2003 dci 65, and although it drives ok the speedo reads lower than it should. 30 is reading around 22 and 60 is only showing about 43 on the instrument cluster. I'm not overly up to speed on the whole ABS driven speedo system but hopefully someone can point me...
  18. Ads29

    Rear axle problem??

    To cut a long story short I'm in the process of converting the 172 into full on race car ready for 2016 I noticed over thelast couple of weeks that the rear suspension looked uneven, i assumed it was a broken spring and didn't worry too much as had new eibachs going in anyway, cut to the chase...
  19. Ads29

    Seat position sensor df065 fault code

    Hello, I've been chasing airbag faults over the last couple of days and I'm down to last fault code of df065 which is showing for drivers seat position sensor, I've tried the resistor trick but with no luck, with either ignition only or with engine running I have between 3.4 and 3.7 volts on...
  20. Ads29

    TARC production class advice please

    Good afternoon all I'm currently in the process of building a production spec car for the tricolore with the aim of joining in sometime during 2016 (work/fund dependant) I've been reading the current regs and was wondering just how far the interior can be gutted or how much has to remain? And...
  21. Ads29

    Ads 172 Track/Race car

    So i expect many people have seen this a few times already but here we go again with another track project I've recently picked this up admittedly with problems, however we'll get around these in due course, for the time being its a 2002 172 with 74k on the clock, still standard as of yet, but...