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  1. James5_GTT

    Phase 1 172 ICV pin outs for standalone ecu

    As per title been struggling to find the pinouts for a the phase 1 172 ICV, its 4 pin but I cannot find any pin / wiring diagrams for it. I have just forged my phase 1 172 engine and dropping it in my gtt and running standalone but need wiring pinouts so I can get it to work Cheers
  2. James5_GTT

    Turbo piston compression advice

    I am doing another f4r turbo conversion this time a high boost engine, but I have seen wossner now offer a 9.5:1 compression piston. I was going to get the normal 8.5:1 but these have now made me undecided. I am looking to run 400-450bhp on standalone not in a clio. Any advice or anyone used...
  3. James5_GTT

    James5GTT - 182 FF Low boost

    Thought I would do a quick project thread, I am not one for talking much so will try and let the pictures tell the story. Picked up a good clean 182 BG 182 ff with all the cup pack's. Car was standard when I picked it up other than an aftermarket air filter which I soon ditched. These are...
  4. James5_GTT

    182 turbo questions

    Ok i need some advice I am considering doing a low pressure turbo setup on my 182 Ideally I am wanting to ditch the depasher setup. I have a spare megane 225 engine that has piston ring failure on cylinder 3 I am missing a few thing's from the meg 225 lump like inlet, TB. Wondering if I can...
  5. James5_GTT

    172 phase 2 ECU work in a 182

    This has probably been asked many times but I cannot find anything in a search, basically I want to know if a 172 phase 2 ECU with fastchips map, UCH, transponder and fob will work in a 182??
  6. James5_GTT

    UCH trim codes

    I have just finished breaking a 172 phase 2 full fat car and had a question about UCH codes as I am selling a fastchip mapped ecu with matching UCH, transponder and fob. But I was asked about UCH code to match the car it's going in trim. My query is as mine is full fat version will it work in...
  7. James5_GTT

    172 coolant rad dimensions please

    Can someone please measure the length, height and width of the 172 coolant rad for me please.
  8. James5_GTT

    Blue 182 Cup in Horsham,

    As per title just spotted a nice 182 cup out of my work window going past Harfields car garage and under the RSA building traffic lights. Reg J11 CUP Looked very clean
  9. James5_GTT

    172/182 cam belt fitting

    Morning all, Is it possible to change the 172 / 182 cambelt in situ in the clio or does the engine need to come out??? Only ask as I have only ever changed a cambelt on an R5 with 172 lump and it was just about possible to do it in situ. Cheers James
  10. James5_GTT

    05 plate - 182 Cup RSA Secret Car park (LOL) - Horsham

    As per title parked next to year today not sure if your a member but nice clio sat a little high next to the 5 LOL
  11. James5_GTT

    Cam Belt problem

    Well had a recent problem with my R5 engined 172 which turned out to be timing related so i got a new cam kit and hired the tools to do the job. Now I started the car for the 1st time tonight and let it idle for 30 mins when all of a sudden a strange noise and I discovered that the cam belt had...
  12. James5_GTT

    Phase 1 172 Idle control valve part number

    As per title I am going through my Dialogys and am unable to locate the part number for the idle control valve. If anyone could please advise the part number and poundage of it Many thanks James
  13. James5_GTT

    How to bypass Inertia switch??

    As per title is this possible, only ask as I have done a conversion and I do not have this switch and assume that it is possible to bypass this by bridging connections??? Has anyone done this?
  14. James5_GTT

    Mettalic Red 172 in Horsham - M20 DOX

    As per title Mettalic Red 172 in Horsham - registration M20 DOX, had a carbon fibre evo style bonnet, black multispoke alloys, and fulshed tailgate, anyone on here oh yeah and a couple of K-Tec stickers
  15. James5_GTT

    Won't idle 172 / 182 engine

    Just gone to fire up my 172 / 182 conversion for the 1st time, but doesn't hold idle see video attached any idea's? She is defo getting fuel to the rail and obviously sparkies are firing aswell. what controls the idle on this engines? Any advice welcome Many thanks James
  16. James5_GTT

    172 / 182 Starter Motor Locating Dowel location

    Hello all, This is a simple query but not having ever seen a 172 / 182 starter setup I am in need to know where the starter motor locating dowel goes or if it uses 1. If you have pictures please post them up. Many thanks James
  17. James5_GTT

    General electrical query

    Ok I am after a little problem with reference to an electrical problem I am having. Here goes why would my positve cables register as negatives? What could cause it?
  18. James5_GTT

    172 injector question

    Can someone please tell me the standard 172 injectors flow rate is in cc
  19. James5_GTT

    ECU effects if not de mobilised

    I am after a bit of a advice doing a 172 conversion into my R5 using all the 172 bits and apparently my ECU is demobilised. Now I have wired it all up and attempted to crank to find that there is no crank?? I know the ECU is getting power and everything else is getting power, what effect does...
  20. James5_GTT

    Phase 1 172 ECU loom Wiring

    As per title I am in need of a copy of a wiring diagram for the 172 phase 1 ECU
  21. James5_GTT

    172 Fuel Pump Relay pins identification required

    I am in need of knowing what the fuel pump relay pins are on the 172 for example on the R5 GTT pin 1: fat white = to fuel pump pin 2: black = earth pin 3: brown = tach input from AEI pin 4: not connected pin 5: yellow = ignition live pin 6: fat red = battery live Does anyone know what the...
  22. James5_GTT

    172 unknown part

    Ok I am doing a little coversion with a 172 lump and am wondering what this is for ? As I do not have one for my conversion and is it needed? I am talking about the bit with the red top in the centre of the pic.
  23. James5_GTT

    172 Master clyinder query

    OK, Does anyone have any pics or can tell me where you connect the master cylinder vacum pipe / hose to on the 172?? or if anyone has a Diaology diagram showing would be :cool: Many thanks
  24. James5_GTT

    Clio Sport in Horsham,

    As per title Metalic Red with carbon fibre bonnet and K-tec stickers all over it anyone on here??
  25. James5_GTT

    What Injector??

    As per title I am curious as to what injectors the turbo 172 boys are using with there setup's as I believe the standard injectors are only good for flowing around 208hp and I plan to run a fair bit more than this.
  26. James5_GTT

    172 Cable Throttle Fitment

    Ok, I am in the middle of a conversion of putting 172 engine into my little R5 GTT. I have hit my 1st snag I have obtained a phase 1 cable throttle body & a genuine Renault throttle cable (correct part number as checked) and I am having problems getting the cable to attach because when it is...
  27. James5_GTT

    172 Wiring Diagrams

    Anybody on here got a copy of the wring diagrams for the 172 I am attemtping to identify the pins on main loom plug?
  28. James5_GTT

    172 phase 1 What Alt Belt?

    Hi, I am after yet more advice with regards to the 172, I have removed the A/c and the power steering so am left with just the Alt, Water pump and crank giving me alot shorter belt run. Now has anybody else done this and what belt have you used? Cheers James
  29. James5_GTT

    Phase 1 172 engine wiring loom assistance required

    As per title I am in the progress of placing a 172 lump into my R5 GTT but need a little assistance to what is what on the loom If I post some pics can someone please add arrows to what cable is what. Many thanks James
  30. James5_GTT

    172 Engine loom advice

    Out of curiosity would any clio main engine loom from 99 - 56 loom befine for the 172 (F4R) engine???