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  1. ddouble

    La Vie En Bleu - Prescott

    Few pics taken earlier today, mostly pics of the v6s, but some other very cool french cars there too.
  2. ddouble

    V6 Clio meet in London

    some photos from today, thought you guys might enjoy seeing them:
  3. ddouble

    ph1 vee, few pics before winter sorn

    Went out for final blat before putting away her for the winter, and stopped off for a last few pics: What a great car, i love these things!!! so much fun!!!
  4. ddouble

    La Vie En Bleu - Prescott - ROAC - V6 meet

    Thought id share my photos from yesterday on CS as I hope you will enjoy seeing them. Thanks to ROAC for their excellent hospitality. Recommend this meet to anyone! Mostly V6's so have put it down as clio media although a few other Renaults sneak in. & some old bit...
  5. ddouble

    Mars Red Phase 1 Clio v6

    18 months after selling #0089 ( the v6 bug never left me and knew i would be getting another!! I debated about getting a phase 2 v6 this time, but im still drawn to the phase 1's. When i spotted Mars Red #0268...
  6. ddouble

    Spotted in my works carpark

    Still as cool as after all these years. :cool:
  7. ddouble

    V6 Engine Bay Pics

    I took the vee for a covers off spin today and took some photos of the bay, might be of intrest to the petrol heads on here! I love the sound/noise/experience with out the covers, its just so raw and nuts. bit warm mind, but with the windows down and in this colder weather is spot on. Some...
  8. ddouble

    Amazing V6 rep fail poor car started life as a polo 1.4.... crazy french!! lol!!!!!!
  9. ddouble

    Everyone loves a V6 rep thread one of the better ones, but still made me lol.
  10. ddouble

    Vee outside Updown Court

    thought it would be cool to take some snaps of the vee outside the infamous "updown court" the 70 million self proclaimed "worlds most expensive house" here she is parked on the marble heated driveway!
  11. ddouble

    mk1 silver v6 in weybridge

    Early sunday morning heading out of the town towards the M25, reg plate V6** FLY anyone on here? not come across that one before!!
  12. ddouble

    Vee ownership..A Year in the life

    Posted this on the vee forum, but though this might be of intrest to some of you on here. PLEASE NO SILLY DEBATE ABOUT THE VEE AS ALWAYS!! HEARD IT ALL BEFORE!!!!..... Its exactly a year ago today i picked up my mk1 clio v6, i wanted to up post up my honest experiences as a year in the...
  13. ddouble

    Gave The Vee a Clean

    The vee passeds its MOT with a full bill of health so i treated it to a winter wash and a full tank of vee power. as the sun was out i thought id take a few pics before i took it on a 150 mile round trip across london.
  14. ddouble

    williams, 329M towards bracknell

    spotted sunday afternoon heading towards the waitrose roundabout on the 329M. anyone on here? looked like it was a williams 3, but i was going the other way so it might not be!
  15. ddouble

    trophy reading

    just went past it driving down rushey way in lower earley, reg plate was made to look like trophy. anyone on here?
  16. ddouble

    silver vee in woodley

    my mum sees it every morning at the doctors roundabout at the end of headly road. anyone know whos it is?
  17. ddouble

    spotted in le mans

    a girl in a blue 172 cup and a trophy almost parked opposite each other in maison blanche. anyone off here? also saw two lillads vees on mad friday. an 05 plate and one with "nice v6" as number plate. saw hundreds of lambos, corvettes, r8s, etc but they werent as important... ;-)
  18. ddouble

    gave the vee a clean today

    and got some shots of it! not the best photography, but the car looks nice! :)
  19. ddouble

    new user saying hi

    hi all just signed up to learn some more info about clios. i drive a ph1 clio v6. i only brought it recently but love it to the max!!