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    Just picked up my 270bhp clio

    Completely agreed. I goto Santa pod a few times each year and there's always some idiot who's spent a fortune on engine mods expecting a good time and end up with a slightly better time than stock. Drag racing is a mugs game for a road car.
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    Ball joint stuck

    Fork and a hammer did me fine, just be prepared to knacker the old ball joint boot.
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    Just picked up my 270bhp clio

    I recon the clio will struggle for traction in a standing start drag so the times may not be as good as you would have thought.
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    WG55 LFL

    Itl be a stripped out track car on the back of a trailer like the rest of em
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    Is anyone running this method of a/c delete?

    Sorry I didn't explain that right. I meant in terms of performance, people say it's supposed to rev up more freely but it feels exactly the same. Weight saving, maybe beneficial but even so, I bet the condenser, pump and pipework dont weight more than 20kg.
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    Is anyone running this method of a/c delete?

    I never used mine anyway. But to be honest, the car feels exactly the same as if did before so was a bit of a waste of time. But it only cost me 15 quid so I'm not too bothered
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    Is anyone running this method of a/c delete?

    I use that method, have been for months and its been spot on. Parts numbers are in the thread in the guides section, I bought mine off a guy local who decided to fit a cup setup instead.
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    Adding a centre silencer to my exhaust

    Hey guys. Has anybody added a centre section to a ktec stealth system? My exhaust is too loud so thought about adding a middle silencer to it, but ktec don't seem to sell the stealth any more so it doesn't look like I can just buy the sports centre section. Would it be simple enough to cut...
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    Buying cat c

    I don't think a standard Monaco would be worth 1400 let alone an accident repaired one unless it was absolutely mint and mega low miles. I've been watching prices of 172s on ebay for ages as I was considering getting shut of my monaco but unless it's a cup or minter they seem to struggle to...
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    Genuine injectors for 182

    There was a thread a few years back, I'm sure they were from Sweden or somewhere like that.
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    What have you done to your car today ???

    Aye that's the one. Great deal that mate
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    What have you done to your car today ???

    Possibly! With powerflex bushes in them?
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    What have you done to your car today ???

    Painted calipers to match the eibatch sportlines. Now the wishbones look out of place!
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    Aux tensioner

    Hi guys. Can the aux belt tensioner be bought separately? I'm running a wrc air con delete and my belts are due in July but it seems daft to buy a full aux belt kit when all I will need from it is the tensioner, as the belt and idler pulley are different. Europarts list it for around £250...
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    Cambelt Change RS200

    A job like that would have come with an invoice, any idiot can tick a box in a service book. It won't have been done. Looking at around 500 give it take a few quid..
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    Bosch VS Renault rear abs sensor

    Oops, I think the actual sensor is the same so you will just have to swap the plugs over. Autodoc do do the other side though. Has anybody actually contacted dacia with a parts enquiry? I thought parts had to be stocked for 10 years.
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    Bosch VS Renault rear abs sensor

    Got mine from auto Doc. They have about 5 different websites all with a different name. This is the one I ordered.
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    PMS ac delete - fitting with rad in place

    Id assume so, can't say as leaving it in caused me any bother though.
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    PMS ac delete - fitting with rad in place

    I fitted a wrc a.c. delete a couple of weeks back and didn't need to remove the radiator, I just removed the air con rad from the front of it. I can't see why the pms kit would be any different
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    Renault Clio MK2 problems

    I can't see this ending well lol
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    Lost locking wheel nut key

    I would. I can't see anybody wanting to Nick some wheels from a 1*2, they are worth naff all anyway
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    Clio 182 scuttle panel window seal

    Mines the same, never been an issue, water drains somewhere..
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    Lost locking wheel nut key

    Had this myself with a spinning collar set of lock nuts. None of the above tricks worked. Went to the local tyre place (ap tyres rotherham) and he had all 4 out in about 5 minutes. I felt robbed but it was money well spent at 10 quid a wheel. He used some sort of mini impact hammer with a...
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    Rough running when cold

    Mines the same, as was my last 182 and 172. Rs tuner map made it a bit better on my previous ones
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    What link pipe did you use between your 182 manifold and 172 exhaust system?
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    Straight pipe front to back should do it. My ktec stealth does my head in even with a cat in, not sure why you would want louder than that.
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    1*2 Front Sub Frame Differences

    Wishbones are also the same other than a revised castor design.
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    Gear Box Oil & Quantity for 182 Cup

    Yep. 3 litre will be fine.