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  1. sburrell93

    Arctic 182 'OEM+' progress thread

    Still got them, they're just horrifically out of balance and buckled lol so figured I'd use the pro races for a while. At least until I get tyres for the turinis
  2. sburrell93

    Arctic 182 'OEM+' progress thread

    Can't believe it's been almost a year since I updated this! Decided it needed a change of wheels again... Not much has happened tbh, it's not been used much but things have slowly been getting fixed. Got an extremely cheap donor car and it's been used loads so far to fix little things here...
  3. sburrell93

    Martin's Clio DCi Van

    Conveniently... I have a set of 182 half leather front seats going spare 👀 Leather on the drivers bolster is a bit worn, but they're in one piece.
  4. sburrell93

    Megane RS250 Cup

    This looks so mean from the front! Pretty sure I passed you the other week just around about Crainlarich. I think anyway. I was on the bike with 2 mates and it was raining that heavy I could hardly see lol.
  5. sburrell93

    What premium tyres with comfort in mind?

    This is interesting, I've put assy 3s on the back of my E92 and had my share of B road fun since they went on. Not checked the tyres but I'm defo going to have a look now!
  6. sburrell93

    Small bump - advice needed

    Just get your friend of a friend to make up the bill for the work and send it to the guy before forking out for it yourself? Edit: beaten to it lol
  7. sburrell93

    Lancer Evolution Appreciation Thread

    Ahh that's unlucky! I assumed they weren't sold or they'd be packaged up. Suppose not if someones collecting them though 😂
  8. sburrell93

    Lancer Evolution Appreciation Thread

    Oor Reece will be selling his old ones I think. I know he's got new ones for his new build anyway and I've seen the old ones still lying in the unit. Pretty certain they're Bilsteins too.
  9. sburrell93

    Lancer Evolution Appreciation Thread

    I may know of some second hand coilovers for sale nearby for you...
  10. sburrell93

    sburrell's dci 100

    Yeah they all fit. 172/182 springs worked well on the dci as the weight is similar. Wouldn't imagine it would work very well on a 1.2 petrol or something.
  11. sburrell93

    Anyone give me an idea of parts cost from Renault - 197 just been hit up the back

    There's no way he's going to get away with not going through insurance. Headlights on a M140i alone for example are worth over a grand! He'll go insurance when he eventually realises what it'll cost him. Just speed up the process and start going through yours.
  12. sburrell93

    sburrell's dci 100

    I'm not sure sorry! I'd guess around 40mm going off the pictures and what I can remember. They were Eibach sportlines for a 172/182.
  13. sburrell93

    Addicted's Audi A5 3.0 TDI Quattro

    Agreed, but if that's what you're after it's quite practical!
  14. sburrell93

    Spray bottle for tar remover.

    Interested in also finding something for this. Been through about 5 spray bottles with tar remover and they all just die off after a while! Found these: but they do say to remove the dip tube when storing for long...
  15. sburrell93

    Addicted's Audi A5 3.0 TDI Quattro

    They had the sportback on the previous model too. For example... 9 years they've been around I think!
  16. sburrell93

    Steering angle sensor issue

    Already had the steering wheel off and turned the angle sensor back 360 degrees to centre (it was indeed one turn out) but that didn't make a difference. Assuming that has the same effect as rotating the whole column anyway, as there's no other sensors I know of that detect the position. It's...
  17. sburrell93

    Cracking stuff ( see pic )

    Interesting that. I'm pretty sure my boss's A5 had the same issue with a set of Dunlop Sport Maxx's. Also were only a year or two old at most and would be lucky if they done 5k. Think they were worse than that mind you. I'd be inclined to just replace those. If they're on the rear of a clio...
  18. sburrell93

    How to disconnect the battery without the alarm going off

    I assume car alarms are self powered somehow so they still function without the battery, like in this case. We had a similar issue with the house alarm before where if they power cut out, the alarm would start to go off. It was the backup battery dying, so the alarm in the outside sounder box...
  19. sburrell93

    Steering angle sensor issue

    On a 182. SERV and traction light comes on as soon as I move the wheel away from the centre position. All the lights go off when the car starts up and it works fine but as soon as the steering wheel is moved the lights come on. Any ideas what would be causing this? When I dropped the subframe...
  20. sburrell93

    Wheel cleaner

    Bilt hamber autowheel/korrosol is pretty good as far as fallout removers go. Considerably cheaper than Iron X too
  21. sburrell93

    Exhaust options?

    Go without, worst case scenario you can get them to weld a resonator into the centre section at a later date if it's too loud for you?
  22. sburrell93

    [May 17, 2018] 2 hour OPL Track Evening (Knockhill Racing Circuit)

    Maybe take a run up on the bike for a watch if I get home from work in time. Sure as f**k won't be making it in a Clio anyway lol
  23. sburrell93

    The New Phone Thread

    I've not had any of their phones since the OP2, which tbh, I thought was worse than the Oneplus one I had lol, but they seemed to up their game a bit after that. I'm hoping for waterproofing (sort of confirmed) and wireless charging. If it's got that and a good camera I think I'll be seriously...
  24. sburrell93

    The New Phone Thread

    Anybody been following rumours for the oneplus 6? Looking like it could be a very decent phone but prices are rising every model... Been considering replacements for my S8 so waiting to see how the OP6 looks. I like the S8 and don't mind the Samsung UI but the time they take to roll out OS...
  25. sburrell93

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    I buy the Costco packs of 36 and use them on paintwork once or twice. Give em a wash if they're a bit dirty but demote them to interior cleaning or wheels, tyre shine etc. Then probably just chuck them after that. They're never the same after a wash
  26. sburrell93

    Undersealing recomendations?

    Have a look at Upol Raptor. Not sure on cost vs anything else you've looked at but a couple of my mates have used it now and it's meant to be fantastic stuff
  27. sburrell93

    [May 17, 2018] 2 hour OPL Track Evening (Knockhill Racing Circuit)

    LOL. Stranger things have happened. I may make the blue 182...
  28. sburrell93

    The New Phone Thread

    Hmm weird. That works every time on mines. For edge lighting notifications anyway. Any apps that use those, it seems to work on.
  29. sburrell93

    The New Phone Thread

    Figured it out. Swipe down on a notification to open it in a popup window! Definitely a new Oreo feature as I've never had it do that before the update either.
  30. sburrell93

    The New Phone Thread

    I had this also the other week! Got a WhatsApp notification and it opened in a pop up window and not full screen. No f**king idea how I did it though! Definitely only happened since the Oreo update. I know Google maps works with "picture-in-picture" where if you come out the app while using...