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    Adding a centre silencer to my exhaust

    Hey guys. Has anybody added a centre section to a ktec stealth system? My exhaust is too loud so thought about adding a middle silencer to it, but ktec don't seem to sell the stealth any more so it doesn't look like I can just buy the sports centre section. Would it be simple enough to cut...
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    Aux tensioner

    Hi guys. Can the aux belt tensioner be bought separately? I'm running a wrc air con delete and my belts are due in July but it seems daft to buy a full aux belt kit when all I will need from it is the tensioner, as the belt and idler pulley are different. Europarts list it for around £250...
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    ABS fault help

    Hi guys. Wondering if anybody can help with my abs fault before I have to give in and pay somebody to plug it in and get a code. Abs light comes on at startup and doesn't go out, can also feel the pedal pulsing when braking. So fault finding up to now.. I disconnected the rear sensors at the...
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    Need an alternator for a 172, which ones fit!

    Chuffing alternator just shat itself so need one asap. Do either of the 2 options on eurocar parts fit a 172 with ac or am I going to have the same issue I had trying to get their handbrake cables to fit?
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    Slow wipers

    Just got in the car and put the wipers on, they hardly moved and then popped the fuse. So i this time I gave them a helping hand so the fuse didn't pop and they slowly started to get a bit better but I have to give them a nudge initially to get em started. Is it more likely to be a knackered...
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    Stupid question re fitting rear pads

    Just realised my rear right caliper is seized so been to euros to pick up a new one. On removing the pads I noticed on the back of the pads there is a notch sticking out. Is this notch correct to be sat inside the cut outs in the piston? Only reason I thought not is that as the piston...
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    Filler flap rust fix

    Hey guys. Finally got around to starting the fix on my filler flap rust. So i started by drilling the 3 rivets off to get rid of the plastic cover. Drilled the bottom bolt of the flap out and half of the top bolt so I can leave the flap on for now as it's going dark so I'll continue tomorow...
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    Advise buying a second hand car form a dealer

    Hey guys. Today we put 500 deposit down on a 2012 Nissan duke for the wife. I think we got him down to a fair price for a good spec car with low mialeage to be honest. We got him to agree to get a cambelt fitted and also a small dent which will need repairing on the lower passenger side...
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    Poor handbrake

    The handbrake on my 172 is shocking. I recently fit a pair of new genuine cables and both calipers seem to function ok. It's running oem brembos and standard disks both look in decent condition. Are there any stickier pads out there which might improve it? It does hold but I have to pull...
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    Isofix base in a 172

    Hey guys. Got a little un on the way so am looking at options for a child seat. I didn't think that a 172 had isofix but apparently it has? Wev also got a mk3 1.4 Clio and all the seats are clearly labelled up with little isofix tabs so I know it's got it, bu theres no such tabs on the 172...
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    Removal of rear beam

    I was thinking of giving my rear beam a sand down an painting and add some powerflex bushes while I'm at it so had a quick luck under to see what it involves. Looks to me like it's a case of get the brakes off and remove the bolt on each side which goes through the Bush? I'm sure I read...
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    Fitting pagid lh handbrake cable

    Well the left ha d cable snapped when the mot tester did the brake test so I went to eurocarparts and managed to find the cable which apparently fits. The actual cable seems to be the correct length but the issue I'm having is the casing isn't quite long enough to allow the metal bit to locate...
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    What to buy to bring back the fun

    Are there any basic mods I have missed here that could get me out the house to spend some time under the car without spending a fortune? Currently got all the usual, new cup shocks, eibatch springs, SS exhaust, powerflexed front end and dogbone, rebuilt the front calipers and replaced the...
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    Insuring a boosted clio

    Hi guys. I've been contemplating boosting my 172 with an ED low boost setup. How much insurance premium increase have people on here Had to pay on a low boost setup? I currently pay 300 for the year fully comp with all basic mods declared. Exhaust, fatty induction etc. If insurance is...
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    Phase 1 Steering collum same as phase 2?

    A mate has a phase 1 with a shot steering column bearing and is looking at second hand ones. Is a phase 1 column the same as a phase 2? It seems there are different ones listed but the phase 2 listed as 01-06 seem cheaper and easier to get hold of.
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    Serious misfire!

    Hi guys. My 172 now sounds like a Scooby.. I just ran a quick scan with a cheap reader and I'm getting p0141 fault code. I thought this was related to the rear lambda sensor which doesnt affect fueling? Was expecting to see an injector misfire fault code. I've checked the plugs and...
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    Cats2u cat for 172?

    My cat is rattling like a good en so think it will need replacing. I would prefer to decat it but I don't have a friendly mot guy at the moment so a cat is my only option. I've seen a company called cats2u do one for the 172 and it's only 119.99. Will it be absolute garbage and unlikely to...
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    Squib wiring help

    So i bought a proper 172 ph 2 indicator stalk as some numpty previously had fitted a phase 1 with a horn but without foglights. I always wondered why my horn worked on the stalk and not on the wheel so today I whipped the airbag off to find this. Now my thoughts are that the 2 wires which are...
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    Manifold - cat kit fitting 172

    I've just ordered a new manifold to cat fitting kit as mine is shot, both springs rattling and can't go any tighter due to been thread bound. It looks an absolute pig of a job. I was thinking it might be easier to unnbolt the manifold from the block to lower it down a bit to gain more access...
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    Are these the correct silvatec?

    Hi guys, I want to order some silvatec bulbs for my front indicator bulbs to get rid of the fried egg look. Are these the correct ones? I assume 581 is the correct fit...
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    Alarm light on while driving

    my alarm light has been coming on and off during driving but recently it will come on and stay on until I stop the car and lock it. Where is the Alarm? I'm thinking of checking for a dodgy connection somewhere but not even sure where the thing is to start looking Anybody has this before?
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    Washing after driving in grit?

    Do you guys take any extra precautions in the winter after driving in gritted roads? I was at working the other day and the trailer the caretakers use for getting grit around the site is basically rotting to pieces and made me realise how bad the stuff is on our cars. I've seen on YouTube some...
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    Returning 172 wheels

    Does anybody know the paint code for the standard 172 wheels? Not the turinis, the normal Renault ones. I'm going to have a bash at refurbing my wheels but was hoping to have a go at 1 first incase I'm useless at it, so was hoping to get it a matching colour so it doesn't look a cocomplete arse...
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    Any grommets for a 4awg cable?

    Hi guys. I'm gonna fit a sub in my 172 as I miss the bass. Is there a grommet available which will take 4awg cable or am I going to need a stepped drill bit to make a new hole? I had a look and all I could find is the bonnet release grommet hole but that looks mega tight and probably only...
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    Flare nut spanner size for brake lines

    Got a set of braided lines on the way from George and just wanted to double check the sizes of flare spanner I'll need to get em off. I seem to remember the one on the front caliper is a 14mm but never checked the other end of that pipe which will be getting replaced and was hoping somebody...
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    Imobiliser light when driving

    This has happened twice now on the way home from work. Driving perfectly fine, then out of nowhere the imobiliser light next to the gearstick will come on solid. If i press the blip on the key while driving it will go out. Doesnt cause the car to cut out or anything.. Also, whats the...
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    Sticking 172 front caliper

    Just noticed my front right caliper is sticking quite bad. Had the caliper off and gave the sliders a good clean up and also pumped the piston in and out a few times and then gave them a little bleed but they still seem to be sticking. What options do I have? Are rebuild kits readily available?
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    Fitting new steering rack mounts

    I'm going to put my new powerflex bushes in my steering rack at the weekend. Will I need any special tools or will regular sockets and spanners do the job? Will it make life easier if I had deep sockets etc? Does the subframe need to come down to get access?
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    Mk3 headlights

    Got a funny fault with the mk3. When the headlights are on, the bulbs on the outer edge also come on but come on and off during driving. What are these bulbs for? They are mega bright like fog lamps but the car has bumper mounted fog lights which work fine. Main beam and dipped beam and side...
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    Something doesn't look right

    Just been having a look around under the car to find the source of my pulling to the right and when I dropped the Jack I noticed my front sportline spring the bottom 3 coils all sat on each other. Is that normal? The spring isn't snapped.